University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that i had a course in highschool on how to study properly and manage my time wisely. It was difficult coming to school when I had no role model on how to act in college. I wish that I had also known the limited availablility of off campus jobs and the restrictions on the work study jobs on campus. It is difficult when the majority of scholarships seem to forget the expenses of just living; not the expenses soley related to the college.


I wish I had known how I would really get along with my roommates. Sometimes people's personalities don't click, and you need to be prepaired for it to happen sometimes. Last semester one of my roommates provided this problems for myself and my other roommates. It caused some problems, but we had it resolved and now things are better than ever!


I came from Boston and I wish I knew more about how people in Oklahoma were. I really have hard time connecting with them because everywhere in campus some one is talking about God and religion is big part of their life. Also I wish I knew that most of the students go home in the weekends. Since majority of the students are local the dorm becomes empty during the weekends. There isn't that much to do.


I wish I had know how conservative a lot of the people that attend the university are.


I wish that I would have known that the courses that are offered here are on a rotation and the class that you need to take may not be offered at the time that you want/need to take it.


I wish I had known the many on campus activities and groups. i would have gotten involved so much sooner! I missed out on lots of fun by not getting out there untill halfway through my sophomore year.