University of Scranton Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The best thing at our school is the sense of community you feel inside and outside of the classroom, and all of the service opportunities you can take part in. The food is also very good!


I think the biggest trait that our school is known for is the friendliness. Our school is also reknown for the academics it has, specifically for the sciences. The newest addition of buildings was the Loyola Science Center, and it's a sight to see! Lastly, our campus is known for its sports teams, more so bastketball. Overall, it has alot of great aspects!


The University of Scranton is best known for its reputation as an outstanding institute of higher learning, especially when it comes to the sciences. It is a Jesuit University and holds its students to high standards when it comes to acedemic achievement, and personal growth and development.


My school is best known for sudents to receive excellent careers upon graduation due to the links of alumni.


Unfortunately, I feel that The University of Scranton is best known for its constant battle with alcohol abuse. Many students from surrounding states and counties prioritize our University for its alcohol association. I have witnessed the administration strive to impede this problem numerous times in only my first semester on campus; however, I feel that their attempts have failed and will continue to fail if they neglect to offer alternative options for students. I am afraid that if changes aren?t made quickly enough our University will be most known for something even worse.


The university of Scranton is best known for being Jesuit in identity, the amount of community service its students perform, and the fact that The Office takes place near it.


I would have to say our Jesuit ideals. We are a small Jesuit school in Scranton, Pa. I think are morals of helping everyone and making a change in the world would be what we are best known for!


My school is best known for excelling in the medical professions, such as Occupational Therapy. I am currently in that major and love the program. 100% of the program's students do well on the national board exams and are placed into jobs relatively quickly. The programs for Nursing and Physical Therapy are equally as good, with success rates at about the same. The school's Pre-Med and other science fields are also well-known, and the school is currently working on constructing a new and updated science building to accomodate these majors.


The University of Scranton is probably best known for the people who are a part of it. I've been there since August and figured that since it was many kids' first times away from home living with people their own age, tensions would flare up and people would be less than friendly. To my surprise, I've yet to meet one student, faculty, or staff member who hasn't been helpful or made my transition away from home simple.


There are several things that The University of Scranton is known for throughout the country. The campus, which is improving everyday, is known to many for its beautiful atmosphere, dorm life, and student center/cafeteria. It is also known for its academics,especially in health and education. Classes and professors are extremely helpful and provide intellect needed after graduation. Last but definitiely not least, The University of Scranton is known for the encouragement of students to perform community service. Students who attend this school strive to "go forth and set the world on fire", inspiration of St. Ignatious of Loyola.




Pre-med program; community outreach




The University of Scranton is best known for combining the Jesuit tradition of being one for others with strong academics. Scranton has very strong academic accrediation, especially in education, pre-medical, and business majors. Scranton has a great community outreach program and great academics. Also at Scranton, students aren't numbers. Professors acknowledge you by name inside and outside of class. This helps create the sense of community Scranton offers its students. These were a few of the reasons I chose Scranton.


they have wonderful sports teams and the people on campus are very friendly and helpful staff and students included.