University of Scranton Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The number one thing I brag about to my friends is the university's campus. The campus is beautiful! Between the Loyola Science Center and all of the dormitories the campus has such a modern/elegant look to it. I also like to brag about our food court. We have a great variety of food to choose from. The food is honestly one of the reasons I chose to go to Scranton.


I brag about the community aspect of my school. Being from Texas, I am miles away from home and the community feeling I get at school is awesome. I love that you can walk down our commons and see many familiar faces. You are always going to see a smiling face down the commons and at least one person will greet you. I brag about our schools commitment to servicing our local community.


i cant brag


I brag about my school being a four year university. It is the best school in bakersfield acedemically. Then I would brag about my school's sports teams because they are competing in division one.




School sponsored events are very interesting. Ice skating, and gatherings are a big time to meet and enjoy the company of other students.


I brag about the community we have at our school, the overall friendliness and kindness. I brag about how our school is definitely putting our tuition back into the school, building up the campus with state of the art facilities. I brag about the well-rounded education I'm receiving, and how my school is helping me secure my future.


The Jesuit Education




The friendships we had the actually turned into a Family.


I brag about the community of the school, as mentioned above, and that I learned more about myself than I ever could have anticipated because of this community. The University of Scranton is an excellent school, academically speaking, but more so because of the whole experience it provides for its students. I was never made to feel like I could not be myself. I found a family in Scranton.


The sense of community among my peers.


We are a small but good and connected school


The new buildings they construct on campus and close knit style community.


I would have to say that I talk a lot about the friends I have already made. I like the fact that I chose a small school, it really helped me get to know other people very quickly. I think we have a great campus and its awesome that they have just built new dorms, which I will be in this year, and also a new student center that has a lot to offer. Additionally I am a member of the college hockey team so I get to travel to area colleges and meet up with friends from high school.