University of Scranton Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I honestly don't hate anything about my school. I am competely happy with my choise and wouldn't change it.


There is no grocery store within walking distance. I f you don't have a car, you are forced to buy food at the school store which takes advantage of its students. It is verymuch overpriced. The school robs it's students of money.


It's a lot of partying, and if that's not your thing, then it's seems like you're not in the "in" crowd.


The University Of Scranton is a very good school it is full of great teachers and many majors. There is one very tiny problem with the school. The campus is on a hill. So the students have to walk up a hill every day to get to their dorm rooms.


It is hard to think about the worst thing about my school because I truely am enjoying every moment so far. I would have to say, however, that one of the downfalls of my school that I notice right now is that fact that there are not many activities and trips that students can go on on the weekends. At orientation, the admissions staff informed us that there would be trips to NYC and activities but I have yet to hear about one.


The worst thing about the University of Scranton, besides the freezing weather, of course, is the lack of diversity among the students. Coming from a very diverse high school, it has been a challenge walking around a campus where, quite frankly, most students dress, talk, and act very similarly. Although the city of Scranton is very diverse, the University is mostly Caucasian. I wish that there was a larger range of ethnicities and cultures.


housing is terrible. small spaces and dirty old builsdings.


There is nothing I would consider the "worst" about my school, but I have had a few issues in regards to Residence Life, singing opportunities, and availability of meal plans. Last year, Residence Life messed up some of sophomore housing so that there were more options for boys but not enough for girls. In terms of singing, there are only two groups for singing, which I and my friend are trying to change. Finally, there are only three options for meal plans; unlimited, 14-meal plan, and 10 meal-plan. I believe there should be more to choose from.


Off campus, there is not much to do. I have lived in the Bronx my entire life, where there is always something close by that we could do to keep us out of trouble. Unfortunately, in Scranton, the only thing to do on the weekends is party.


I do not have many bad things to say about this school. The city around the shool tends to be a little interesting, but I know the college is taking an active role in safety and providing a better environment for the students to live. The on-campus housing has improved very much since I was a freshman and incoming students should be very satsified with their living arrangements.


There is very little diversity among the student body.


The price of Scranton was rather high.


I think the worst thing about my school is the location. Scranton, PA isn't that bad, but it could do more to accommodate college students, besides providing bars.


The worst thing about the school is the price of tuition. There is a fair amount of financial aid offered, but not enough to eliminate financial headaches, especially coming from a lower middle class family.


It is cold here most of the year, but really, that's it!


They never give direct answers for academic advising. It seems as though they make it difficult for students to graduate on time, especially if they transferred in, and it seems as though they make it difficult just to get more money out of students.


It tends to be very cold weather most of the year.