University of Scranton Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


You should attend The University of Scranton if you want to be surrounded by a ton of really nice people. Scranton seems to have alot of pre-med majors and the school is really good if you want to go into a medical field. Scranton students do alot of reseach with professors. Scranton does have alot of partying, but you have to be able to manage time wisely. Classes are difficult and require alot of work. The people who attend Scranton are kind, social, and smart people. Classes are small and teachers know everyone's name.


Someone who like the Jesuit mindset and knows themselves and wants to do well.


A person who is friendly, upbeat, and outgoing. The academics is not a joke, it is hard work, unless you are a communications or counseling major. Many people are tend to fit that all-american, american eagle wearing, jock/cheerleader stereo type. So if you fit that, you'll blend in. However, if you don't, and you are that quirky intelligent odd kid, no worries, we all hang out together.


The kind of person that take a higher education seriously; Those who appreciate the opportunity that's given to them; and those who are hardworking and driven should attend the University of Scranton.


The University of Scranton is a diverse campus, in which a worthy education is provided to each student. Although most students here are middle class United States citizens, The University calls to and welcomes all who are interested. The students and faculty each are extremely kind, comforting, and personable. In complete honesty, I enjoy the company of each person I know on campus and feel very comfortable with all my professors. Assistance in any area is offered to any one who may be in need.


Occupational therapy/Physical therapy students, Pre-med students, ethnically diverse students.


A SCranton student is friendly and hard-working, but no afraid to let go and have some fun on the weekends!


A person who is interested in gaining a Jesuit education, meeting wonderful people and having a great social life all at the same time.


Anyone can attend this school. If you like a small school, this school will best fit you. If you like small classrooms where your teacher actually knows your name and can help you individually then Scranton is for you. Also if you enjoy school spirit, then Scranton should be your number 1 choice!


Someone who wants to attend Scranton must be willing to attend class, to pay attention, and to work hard. They should be open to new learning experiences, and they should not fear the religious connection the school has. They should be looking forward to meeting new people, and they should be optimistic about the next four years.


Someone with a desire to be challenged and someone that is looking to be engaged. This school is perfect for people interested in the sciences, business and the study of education.


white, middle to upper class kids catholic


Someone who knows how to balance fun and studying well. If you are easily steered off course I dont recommend attending.


The typical "U of S" student is a focused, friendly, and outgoing individual who values both academics and campus involvement. They believe in making and keeping strong friendships for life and receiving an education that will take them far beyond the four walls of the classroom. Scranton students value giving back to their community. Alumnae of "The U" are proud to say they received a hands-on learning experience and were able to combine their academic life, social life, and faith life make the best of their college years.


Anyone who is unsure of who they are or what they want to become. You'll definately find yourself here. UofS is a place where friends are everywhere you look and where everynight is an active and as fun as you want it - ranging from social to academic activities


People who want to succed in life and get a great education.


Someone who wants to pursue a career in business, teaching, or the medical field. The standard demographics of a student are White, Catholic, who come from an Upper-Middle class family. Regardless, everyone here is accepted by everyone.


The middle class white student is the typical person who attends this University. If you're into small intimate class where teachers are willing to work one on one to make sure the student is equipped with the tools needed to succeed.