University of Scranton Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear seventeen year old me, College is not as hard as you think it will be. They will not throw you anything that you can not handle. With that being said, college is not smooth sailing. You have to try and work hard just like you did in high school. The teachers in high school became like friends over the years which only made separating from them harder. College professors are not going to become your friends so you can not rely on them knowing you on a personal level. You have to go into the classroom and sell yourself. Get to know your professors and do not be afraid to ask them for help. On a social level, you need to open up girly! You can not be afraid to go up and talk to people. This is not like high school;people do not see you as "unpopular" or "dorky". Be your normal self and do not worry about what other people think. Make friends quickly so you always have someone to eat with. Get acquainted with your roommate over the summer so you have more time to talk before move in.


I would tell myself not to worry as much about making the decision about where to go to school. I was afraid of making the wrong choice, but I knew where I wanted to go the day I received the acceptance letter. I was just afraid to admit it just in case I ended up regretting it or not liking the school as much as I thought I would. I wish I had made the decision months earlier when I revieved my letter. It would have saved me a lot of stress!


As a highschool senior I was very fearful of the future. If I could go back and tell myself what I know now, I'd tell myself to relax. I was so scared of moving away from home. I'd tell myself that adjusting to a new location was easier than I thought. I'd also tell myself not to worry about the class loads, I would be able to handle it. I'd tell myself to not procrastinate and take every advantage to study and ask questions. I'd also tell myself that I would make a new group of friends, and I'd love my roommate and my floor mates. Overall, I'd tell myself to keep my head high, and know that everything will be okay. Transitioning may seem hard at first, but in a few weeks, I wouldn't feel so home sick! Everyting will fall into place!


I would tell myself that I need to learn how to separate my achedemic life from my social life. The friends I meet here will understand and will always be there for me. Take the time to get all my work done before hanging out with them.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would say to stay at home and work, work, work. When I was 17 years old I moved out of my parents house and got an apartment. After graduating from high school I took a semester off from school and worked full time. I started attending college in the spring for dental assisting. But because I was living on my own, I had to pay for college out of pocket. My step-father made too much for me to qualify for financial aid and even though I was living on my own, i still did not qualify. I was able to complete a year of school but beginning my second year was tough because I had to work full time and did not make enough to pay for it. So I had to leave. Now, I'm back living with my parents (with my daughter) and am able to recieve to receive financial aid and save money for any other school related costs. So to sum up, I would tell myself to continue to work hard and to never give up on school.


I would tell myself not to slack off and stay consistent with my studying habits because the professors go chapter by chapter in every class instead a week or two like in high school. I would tell myself to finish my senior year with great grades in order to recieve more scholarship money from the institution and will not be in debt in the future. I would tell myself to make friends who want to study and succeed because if you make friends with those who do not, you will follow in their footsteps without realizing it. I will tell myself to join more academic related clubs to gain more experience in my career. I would tell myself to volunteer more and particiapte in more service trips. I would tell myself to hit the gym when I get stressed instead of playing video games and over eating. I would tell myself not to lose my faith and make it to church every Sunday and weekdays if possible. I would tell myself to stay positive in every situation and not to give up on anything. I would tell myself to stay focus and not be preoccupied with things nonschool related.


Be true to yourself. If you pretend to be someone else, you are not only going to fail, but no one will take you seriously. As you transition to your college lifestyle, it may be difficult at times to not want to fit into the status quo of ‘what everyone else is doing.’ I encourage you to persevere. And trust me. It will be worth it. When you come to know the wisdom of this statement, you will look back at your lifestyle and simply be in awe of who you have become and what you have accomplished.

Jean Baptiste

stay focus and be the best of my own and never get B in class, be an (A) student


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about my college transition, I would tell myself to not be as nervous as I was. I've only been in school a month and I love it! I have so many friends, and the things I have been learning are very interseting. I would also tell myself to prepare for the amount of work I was about to endure. College is more work than any high-schooler could imagine. A lot of the learning is not done in class, but on your own. Learning the material is up to the student rather than the teacher in college. Another piece of advice I would give myself would be to enjoy my home, friends, and family in my high school years before leaving for the next chapter in my life. Although I do love my family, and friends, I wish I had appreciated seeing them whenever I wanted to before I left for college.


I would tell myself that there is no rush to decide on a future despite what people are telling you. Authority figures and college will tell you to without giving you time to explore your options. You should enjoy your youth now, and not rush into the future of the business world. You will regret it, and end up feeling like you missed out on something exciting.


  Education is extremely important to me and always has been. I've made great efforts to gain knowledge about the medical field in order to prepare myself for my career.       My dream of working in the medical field has been my number one goal since childhood. My career goals have always been the driving force in my decisions regarding my future.       Even after I get my degree as a Respiratory Therapist, I feel that goals will continue to motivate me. With my goals driving me, I don't think there is anything I cannot accomplish!       Receiving this scholarship will help me to accomplish the goal I've set for myself. Because I'm not financially blessed I will need to receive help from as many avenues as possible. I am hopeful that you will feel I am deserving enough for the help you are providing. Sincerely, Misty D. Caldwell


My experience so far is so valuable to me. I have really learned a lot about the journalism field and I was able to apply what I learned to a job I held this winter. I saw firsthand what my teachers were telling me in the classroom.


The most important thing I have gotten out of my college experience so far is myself. College has taught me who am I, and how important it is to keep to my beliefs and not compromise myself. I think I used to struggle with being myself, but attending college has allowed me to see how important that is. It has been incredibly valuable for me to attend college because I now have more confidence and I'm not afraid to be myself.


I have always dreamed of going to college. I never considered any other option. I know that if I work hard at school that it will pay off later down the road. Even though I was not keen on going to a community college at first I actually quite enjoyed it. I learned a lot of information from my professors and met many nice people. I am a very shy person and I was able to become more confident and open when I went to college. It helped me take another step into my adult future, which can be scary sometimes. I learned that college was not as scary as I thought it was going to be and that if I work hard everything will work out. I love going to class and learning information everyday. I feel smart and I feel that I am doing something great with my life. I cannot imagine not going to college. Having a degree from any college offers you many more opportunities that just a regular high school diploma or GED. Watching other parents coming back to college made me realize that going directly from high school to college was a smart choice.


my first year in college i had the mentality of fun and games, so did not put much effort in school and my classes. then, i realized that working at a pizza parlor was not going to get me far, so i decided and made a goal to get my AA in criminal justice. i have always enjoyed law enforcement and helping improve the community. one major thing that inspired me to become a probation officer was to witness my older brother take advantange of his probation officer, and well to actually not take his probation officer serious. all of this has to do how lenient and unconsistent the probation officer was. so i thought to myself that i want to become a probation officer and do all that is in my power to help people in desperate need to keep away from drugs and alcohol. i have learned so much throughout my years in college, in regards to law and life in general. education is not only necessary but worth it because you become someone in life and can help yourself and others .


During my first year at college, I have learned that my future is in my own hands. How I handle my daily responsibilities is up to me and I will have to face consequences for my decisions in life. Being away at college has taught me how to be more responsible and to appreciate all that my parents have done for me throughout my life up to this point. Along with a wonderful education, I am also living my dream of playing college soccer. That has been something I have dreamed about since I was 8 years old. I have formed friendships that I know will last a lifetime and that in itself is a valuable learning experience. I have learned that there are people in this world willing to help you and to take advantage of all opportunities that are offered to you. I have been given an opportunity to attend The University of Scranton and look forward to my next 3 years there to continue my education.


Hey Morgan! I know you think college is all about socializing and having fun, but it?s also tons of hard work. Yeah I know you have heard this speech before but not from me and who knows you better than I do? You say you will be different then, that you will work harder and do what you need to do. It?s not that simple. There will be a million distractions around (boys). You are going to be living with your friends and there will always be something more exciting (college boys) than the chapter of biology waiting to be read. Yep I know how much you love hanging out with the guys, but they are not going to help you reach your dreams. You cannot afford to skip the assigned reading, or skip classes (and no sleeping in the back does not count as going), and then just quickly glance over your incomplete notes moments before the exam. I know it works now, but it won?t then. Trust me I tried. My advice have study sessions with your friends, then go to the library and by yourself, and actually study without the gossiping and boys.


We are what we choose to become, it really is that easy. It actually starts from the moment you walked out of the classroom in your senior year and continues on throughout life. With focus on completing the steps towards obtaining my degree; I must realize it is something I have sole control over in my life. Once I have a belief, it should held on to it for dear life, and there will always be things that are encounter along the way. Though knowledge is what seperates everyone though its also what brings us closer together! These ideas could be a small change to an exsisting item, or something thats still is in the dream process. We all will format our ideas; that we believe could make the world a better place, though the majority that hold a particular degree are first heard and primarily are the one's whose idea's are chosen. At least once in our life we'll all label something in our mind and then make a decision about it. But, with the right source of education and thinking skills, I will soon be prepared to make those choices and get my voice heard.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell him many things to improve his college life. First I would tell myself to go for as many scholarships as possible. I realize now that college is not cheap and the scholarships would be very helpful when it comes time to pay for school. The second piece of advice I would give to myself is to go to the writing center. The writing center is so useful when I need help writing an essays and papers. The final piece of advice I would give myself is to not procrastinate After a while all the work will become overwhelming and your grades will suffer.


I would tell myself to look more into colleges earlier on instead of waiting until last second and to take the search more seriously. To look more into the academics and financial aid packages of the schools and to actually visit more than 4 schools. I would also tell myself to look in to financial aid more because it is costly to attend a good university and to also do work study, because every little bit helps.


If I could go back and talk to myself knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to relax. Choosing a college is an important decision, but it is not a matter of life or death. I think the most important thing for a high school student to consider when choosing a school is how they feel during a visit. I knew right away when I visited Scranton that I would be comfortable here. Walking around campus and talking to students felt natural to me. I would also advise high school students to talk to people who go to the schools they are looking at and ask HONEST questions. The only way to find anything out is to ask questions, so if you have them, voice them. Chances are, the people you talk to will be very genuine in their responses and can really provide you with a lot more information than you would find in a brochure or online. Most importantly, know what you are looking for in a school and find one that meets most if not all of your wants and needs.


If I were lucky enough to go back in time and give advice to myself as a highschool senior I would assure myself that I needn't worry about making friends or missing home. Just be yourself and you'll fit right in and do fine. I would also tell myself to get organized. I had heard that line for years and years but it never really sunk in. I realized once I got to college that scheduling and time management were lifelines in a sea of work and I wished I had learned how to master my time more effieciently so I could fit in both my studies and my friends.


I would tell myself to be more outgoing as a freshman to have a better first college semester. To not be shy and to be yourself because there will always be people in the world who love you and hate you for how you are.


My advice to myself would be not to waste time. There are certain things that need to be done in a timely manner and so many issues could be avoided simply by not putting them off. I would also tell myself not to worry too much because everything will work out, possibly better than I expected. As far as making the transition to college life I would tell myself not to be nervous. There are people going who are just like me; alone for the first time without parents around everyday. However, it really is not as bad as I was always worried about. There is always a way to get home if I really feel the need to be there and family is only a phone call away. I would tell myself to relax and also to study hard, even though the classes may seem easy the finals can be brutal.


After successfully completing one semester of college, there are a few things I wish I had done in high school, especially during my senior year. I had to opprotunity in high school to take various AP couses but I only chose to take two. So if I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior I would tell myself to challenge yourself and take a few more AP courses. Another thing I wish I had done, especially during my senior year of high school, was to be more outgoing. I have always been a shy, quiet girl but times in college made me wonder what my life as a high school senior would have been like if I had been more outgoing. College has definately changed that and I am glad but I sometimes wish I had chosen to be more outgoing in high school. There is one last piece of advice I would give myself. That is to always work hard. I have learned, through my studies in college, that hard work truely does pay off. The only way you can achieve goals is to work hard at it and never give up.


Whether we?d like to admit it or not, many of us enjoy enduring our own mistakes on our own time. We may hear innumerable accounts of advice given by our parents, our friends or our colleagues; however, we usually disregard their counsels and prefer to experience life on our own. Little do we learn, but we all eventually begin to make those same mistakes and simultaneously we think back to the generous suggestions of our loved ones. Habitually, I too enjoy ?learning on my own? and like everything else I needed to undergo my own college experiences. If I could go back in time and convince myself otherwise, I would do it in a heartbeat. First, I would tell myself that unless I was dangerously contagious with a worldwide epidemic, to go to class. Missing a class in college is equivalent to missing a week in high school ? it?s nearly impossible to catch up. Next, I would suggest using the gym and the library as often as possible ? neither studying nor exercising can be accomplished in a dorm room! Lastly, I would advise myself to make every moment count because these are the best years of your life!


If I had the chance to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that there is a reason why everyone stresses the importance of time management. The teachers, alumnae, college counselors, and everyone else who tries to imprint the phrase "time management" onto the brains of high school seniors, are not doing so simply for their health. Although it was the most repetitve, and eventually one of the most annoying phrases, I heard as a senior, it really is the most important key to college. There is so much down time during the course of a typical day in college, and time management helps to keep me on schedule and ahead of the game--and deadlines. Although I was able to quickly make the adjustment and use my time adequately, if I had done so from the start, it would have saved me a stressful first couple of weeks. To save myself from extra stress, I would remind my high school senior self to not only remember, but also implement the principle of time management.


If I was able to go back in time to talk to myself in my senior year, I would tell myself to focus more on my studies. To not be afraid to take the honors classes and do the extra credit work. I would also tell myself that it does not matter what others think of you because the universities look at your grades. They do not care if you were extremely popular or not. I would remind myself to do what I thought was best for me, that everyone makes mistakes and not to give up when it gets difficult. To start looking for a college that fit my goals and has the classes I would need and want to take. When I found a college that I may be interested in, do not be shy about asking for a re-evaluation on your financial aid that they offer you if you do not think that it will not be enough to cover what you need. And when it comes to student loans, do not borrow any more than what you will need. Lastly, have fun while you are in college, join a few clubs or maybe a sport.


I would advise myself to never pass up an opportunity to have fun and make friends, especially freshman year. I would also advise myself to complete homework right after class and in between classes so I have less to do at night. Additionally, I would tell myself to take advantage of the gym and other facilities that are available to me in college that I do not necessarily have a home.


I know you think prestige is one of the most important things in choosing a college, but the most important aspects in choice of college are how well it will prepare you for your future and how you will be treated. You will be happiest where you can interact with faculty on a personal level and gain the attention you need. Most of all, go where you will be around the people you love who support you. I know right now you are focused on being the best in your class, but once you get to college that will not work anymore. Work towards being your best, not being the best. And college is a confusing time for everyone. Always remember to take your time when trying to figure out exactly what you want to do with your life. Oh, and boys will always be there; college acceptances will not.


Going back in time I would have told myself that the University of Scranton was the perfect choice and that there would be no reason to apply to the other 7 schools. I would tell myself that an exercise science major is one of the toughest majors at the University but also the most interesting one to pursue. Keep up to date on scholarships and finacial aid because they sometimes like to confuse you on how your aid package works. I would say to find a workstudy jobs sooner; somewhere you're interested in and that pays better than minumum wage. The counselors in your department are amazing and help you in anything you may have questions about. Be ready to not get the classes you want when you first registar but don't worry because people always drop out and you will definately find a spot. The campus has an amazing tech support, so any problem with your computer go to them. Be prepared for the icy winters and long rainy Scranton days. The varsity volleyball team wont be the best this year but stick with it because it has it's rewards. Go To The University Of Scranton!


Everyone always told me that high school would be the best four years of my ife. In my opinion, college definitely takes that title. My college years were definitely the best and most important four years of my life. From doing laundry, to choosing a career path, the things you learn in college are things you will not learn anywhere else. You need to be sure to take advantage of every opportunity to learn more about yourself and "the real world". What career could be a good fit for you? How will you go after that career? What makes you who you are? How can you be sure to not lose what makes you special? These are questions I could not answer until graduating from college. It can be very easy to let various pressures alter these answers, so be sure to not let that happen. These four years will shape your future. Be sure to use these years to become who you want to be and no one else.


I would first choose a different major. I plan to go to medical school and will be studying biology for the rest of my life. I wish I chose a major other than biology such as buisness, math, or philosophy with a concentration in pre-med. Getting into medical school is extremely competitive and the majority of applicants are biology majors, I need a stronger resume and biology is too common. Second I wish I had more practice with time managment prior to coming to Scranton. I stuggled my first year with balancing a social and academic life, and my GPA reflects that.


That college is completey different and the better you do in high school the more prepared you are in college. I would have told myself to take more ap classes so I can get more college credits and learn better study habits for the sheer fact that college is all about studying.


I would tell myself to make a more careful decision in the college process. Look into a college where you can get every benefit weather it be in greek life, sports or academic groups. I'd say this because where I am now i feel so limited. I have yet to make many friends and feel restricted from whom or what i can meet and do in school. I'd tell myself to look into a place i know i want to be for the next four years.


First I would say get ready for a bumpy, hectic, life changing, and enjoyable ride. College is a learning experience in every sense of the word: academically, socially, mentally, spiratually, and emotionally. I would say pick a college where it feels like a second home, because you're going to be there for the next four years. Make sure that you focus on your school work and choose a major that you ENJOY! Follow your brian but more importantly your heart when choosing a school. Soak up every experience and don't let your talents and skills go to waste. Trust yourself and just live every moment to the max because before you know it it's gone. Have fun socially and make friends but remember your there for an education. Most importantly make sure you love waking up everyday at your school and know that with your degree you can do many great things. Good Luck!!!


apply to more schools in a more timely manner!!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself two major peices of advice. The first would be to remain very aware of academic rigor. College is very different from high school in the aspect that professors do not ease into topics as instructors do in high school. From day one, a new college student should begin preparing for the first exams, even if it seems unnecessary. The second peice of advice would be to recognize how much less time a college student has to attain and maintain a high grade point average . In college, the semesters are not extensively long and their conclusions come very quickly. Both of those peices of advice can be summarized in one sentence: A college student should work diligently the entire time he or she is engaged in coursework, so that breaks between course demands may be spent revitalizing and, thus, be much less stressful.


Join a sports team or a time committing club, because although it may be time consuming, it will teach you time management and it will introduce you to a close knit team or group that you can always be count on to be around for dinners and going out. Not that I'm not content with my friends now or anything, I love them and I wouldn't change them for the world, but it's a great social aspect and it's rewarding to have that team bond. It is definitely something to take advantage of and it is a great adjustment factor.


I remeber being very nervous for college, but especially over small things like doing laundry, (since I've been blessed to have my Mom do it), getting up for class on time, talking to professors, etc. I realize now that these things can all be accomplished with enough confidence and perseverance, and that really, there is nothing to be afraid of. I would advice my high-school self, "everyone is going through similar things and has similar worries. They are all in the same boat as you!" To continue with the confidence boost, I would tell myself to "believe in yourself because you know yourself best. Asking for people's help and opinions is smart, but it is ultimately you in the end who has to make the decision. Go with your gut and don't stress out over small things. Believe in yourself!" It is true that many of these feelings I had then have not completely gone away, and I often need to remind myself of these things. But I believe this is what makes me human and most importantly MYSELF. I cannot overcome my fears overnight; I must condition them slowly and allow time.


In terms of managing time and being academically successful, I would advise that there is nothing more important than going to class. It's sometimes easy to skip class because nobody is forcing you to go and it seems like you can just read the assigned material and still do well. This is harder than it sounds, however. Not only is cutting class a waste of time and money, but sometimes just being in class hearing the professor lecture and taking notes is the easiest way to retain information. When it comes to the social aspect of college, the only thing I would really say is be yourself. You may want to act like somebody else to try and impress girls make friends but nobody likes a liar. Be friendly and accomodating - invite new people to hang out with you, share your snacks and movies, or just go out of your way to talk to someone you wouldn't normally think to approach.


The amount of work that has to be done is nothing like high school.


As a half-way complete freshman, I would tell myself the following advices. Work hard on deciding what kind of career you want senior year, so you can decide a correct major, therefore freshman year credits aren't wasted on deciding. Take a couple AP courses and TAKE the AP test so you get credits for it, this allows you avoid some Gereral Ed courses during freshman year. Definitely study hard your senior year, do not slack off, or else you will pay the price. When deciding on a college, do not base your choice by where your friend is going to but decide on what is the best enviroment and choice for you. Lastly, College is going to be the best years of your life. The first week or two of college is going to be very hard, but if you pull through those weeks, it will be so much better. Don't quit, don't give up.


Dear Katie, You may think that you've had plenty of fun in high school, but your college years are some of the best to come. Choose your college wisely and make sure to visit multiple times to check out the campus, academics, athletics, and also people you can relate to. College may become overwhelming at times with an extreme amount of work, but you will come to the realization that the information you learn will be information that will be helpful throughout your entire lifetime and career. You will also make the best of friends who may make an impact on your life as well. Overall, I encourage you to work your hardest and to be open to the opportunities ahead of you. In beginning a new chapter of life, I encourage you to take opportunities, work toward your goals, and do the best to your abilities.


Try not to worry about new things. Having to learn an entirely new routine is difficult and can be stressful. It is important to take things one step at a time and relax. Try to live in the moment and enjoy the experience for what it is worth because like high school, college will go by fast.


I would say "don't change who you are." A lot of people tend to want to change as an adaptation-type response to a new environment when you don't know anyone. It becomes easy to lose old friends and replace them with new ones for that reason. I would also say "choose your friends wisely," there are a lot of people that come and go, but the ones who stay are the most important and the ones that you can count on for a lifetime of experiences. Lastly, I would say "make the best of it, because it flies." I cannot believe I've come this far; it seems like just yesterday I started college.


Freshman year is about figuring out who you truly are , it's about experiencing new ideas, thoughts and people. However,when you go away to college, stay true to the person that you are, and do not try to be someone you are not, because eventually everyone will see your true colors. In college you will make mistakes, and learn from experiences. You will make new friends, loose new friends and eventually find those life-long friends who will be at your side through the good, the bad and the ugly times. It's not always going to be easy and it is certainly not always going to be fun, but everything you experience along the way will prepare you for what is to come. Don't let others sway you into doing something you don't want to do or are uncomfortable with, it's not worth it at all! Never burn bridges and keep a constant smile on your face, it makes people wonder what you are up to. Most importantly, have a little fun once in a while, you deserve it!


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to stay on track! I was very organized in high school, and this is an important skill to maintain in college. I went to a college preparatory high school, and I feel it did a very good job preparing me for the workload I would face in college. I would advise myself to get to know the professors if there was one specific thing I had to say. I never approached professors much until this year, and my understanding of subjects and relationships with people I may need a recommendation from someday has increased significantly. I feel if I had known this from the start I would have made more of an effort to communicate with professors beginning as a freshman.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would encourage myself to ask more specific questions about the college and about student life there: is there a strong university ministries program? How are the priests that say the student masses? How is the food? What do students do on the weekends? Do the students match up with how they are described by the college's literature? What are faculty-student relationships like? Are faculty interested in their students' lives? I did not know the answers to many of these questions when I decided to attend the University of Scranton, but thankfully I can say today that I still feel I made the right college decision.


Take your time in deciding what you want to do. Learn about different majors, minors, and possible research opportunities. Once you know what you might want to do for a career, explore it as much as possible. Don't be afraid to ask for advice and help from advisors and teachers. Find a mentor who is an expert in the field you chose. They will be able to help you a lot. Don't work too much while in school because it will affect your studies. Do not slack on studying. Do not underestimate the classes that you will take. Everything is going to be challenging, but it does get easier after a few weeks. Once you get into the routine, it will all fall into place. Freak outs and nervous breakdowns are normal, and once you are in school for a while, a lot of worries will go away. Try not to stress out too much.