University of Scranton Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The family aspect of it. Everywhere you go you know someone and it is almost like having family everywhere. It makes you feel comfortable.


The community, Everyone on campus is friendly and welcoming to eachother. I have found it hard not to meet a freindly smile while walking to class.


The quality of life at The U is unsurpassed and do not underestimate the power for taking it for granted.


The best thing is your social life because you will be depressed without it, and that will effect how well you do in school.


The personal attention available to every student is the best thing about Scranton. Classrooms almost/possibly never exceed forty students, and therefore the professor is able to really get to know and give attention to every student outside the classroom if needed. The size also allows for every student to make last-minute appointments with advisors and other offices.


I feel that the best thing about the University of Scranton is the community you feel the moment you step on campus, as a Jesuit University we are always looking out for our fellow brothers and sisters. By the end of your four years you will with out a doubt have two familes, one biological family that got you were you are on graduation day, and one larger Scranton Family that stood beside you for four years as you continued to grow and develop into the person you are. The second family is what makes the University so amazing.


There is a friendly warm vibe on campus. Our school is the perfect size. You may not know everyone on campus, but you do see many familiar faces. Student run organizations are all over the place with activity and there is ALWAYS something going on on campus each week. Campus doesn't die on the weekends, it's actually quite lively. There is a lot to do here, and when you find you're friends, you become family.


The community at The University of Scranton is the first thing I noticed while visiting campus. I immediately felt welcomed and everyone was very willing to answer my questions. You could tell that everyone wanted to be here and legitimately loved the school. After atteding school here, I can honestly say that the Scranton's community is my favorite aspect. Scranton quickly becomes a second home, and everyone I have met a second family. I know the friendships I have developed will be lifelong.


I like the food, dorms and things to do such as the gym and rec areas.


The school provides every means to enable freshman to become easily adjusted, socially and academically. All classes and services are within walking distance. There are also copious opportunities for remedial help, if needed or desired.


The best thing about my school is the friendly environment. I never feel awkward asking for help among the administration or the students, because everyone is just so welcoming. Even though Scranton is a small city, there is never a dull moment there just because the people there make it such a fun environment and that's the best environment to live and learn around.


The best thing about my school is the broad opportunities in academics and sports. The varied opportunities are especially good for undecided students. There is a very broad range of experiences available.


The best thing about this school is the people. I rarely meet someone I do not like. Every student is so friendly and happy, even when the weather gets cold and dreary. The professors and staff are very friendly and very approchable. College is a hard transition from high school but with the right people and the right school, it is easy to fit right in and find a group of people you enjoy. The university made sure students fit rightin from the beginning. The college is a community, not just an academic institution.


My school has so many different things to do and opportunities to get involve. There is a club for everything you could imagine, and so many different kinds of sports you could play. They keep campus busy and always have something for the students to do. I think that is the absolute best thing about my school. They are always looking for ways to get students involve and make your college years some of the best years of your life.


The best thing about the University of Scranton is its closely-knit community. Faculty, students, and staff genuinely care about one another, both inside and outside of the classroom.


That everyone is welcomed and normally people do include others with their activities.


At Scranton, we have an incredible sense of community. We pride ourselves on this and it is really felt when you walk onto campus. Knowing that anything I do and anywhere I go on campus I will feel welcome makes me love Scranton.


The best thing about the University is that the faculty and staff try to nurture the whole individual. It may seem trite but the U of Scranton does try to bring the community together and make each student feel welcome. Upperclassmen participate in activities that welcome freshman to their new environment which is great because these kids are scared to death (well at least some are) of leaving their homes, family, friends, and everything they've known. They're moving out of their comfort zone and the Scranton community definitely trys to be as hospitable as possible.


My on-campus job. I love being able to work directly with outside agencies and with friends.


The student population is very friendly and this makes it a fun and comfortable place to be.


Social life, friends


The people are the best thing about the school. The people here are very friendly and engaging of one another. There are excellent relationships that are built here between faculty and staff and the students. Everyone is very welcoming to the new students and new ideas. There is a wonderful feeling of family on the campus. You meet amazing new people from all over the world and you build friendships that will last you the rest of your life.


From the moment I participated in my freshman orientation I knew that I had made the right decision. This college has helped me to realize my potential for future success by allowing me to be myself, challenge myself and prove myself on many different levels. So whether it is in a classroom, my dorm room, my work study program or the hockey rink I know that I am accepted for who I am and more importantly for who I hope to be. This campus feel likes home.