University of Sioux Falls Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are all extremely kind and outgoing, and we all have a lot of fun together!


I have a very diverse group of classmates and I have enjoyed getting to know most of them.


My classmates and I are in the process of building some great realtionships at USF, since there are such a variety of students at USF there is many different view brought into a class room, this brings some intersting points into a class room, but also helps me as a student appresiate many different ways of life to challenge what I beleive.


My classmates are friendly and always will to lend a helping hand; I have been able to find my niche here at the University of Sioux Falls.


My classmates are some of the kindest people I have ever met and I feel blessed to have them as fellow students, friends, and role models.


Its a small school so I know most of them or have seen a majority of them around campus.


Very friendly and easy to get along with.


All of my classmates are very helpful, and we get together out of class to work on projects and homework, which helps us better understand the material.


My classmates are friendly, not judgemental, fun to interact and discuss matters with, and intelligent.


Some of my classmates work hard and others do not.


My classmates are unmotivated and are not serious students.


The classmates I have at USF are very fun, hard-working, and intellegent students. They don't give up and they set goals and try to complete them.


My fellow classmates are quite approachable and easy to get along with since the class sizes are condensed for better social access.


My classmates are always there to help me when I require it, and also provide me a way, through tutoring, to reinforce concepts by teaching them to others, which in turn, helps myself.


My classmates here at the University of Sioux Falls are some of the most friendly, fun, and helpful people I have ever had the privilege of meeting and working with.


My classmates are fun and up for new things at all times.


My classmates are easy going, down to earth, excitable, sincerely friendly, and many are on FIRE for GOD and ministry!


The people here are great, kind open and generous.


Most of my classmates are very nice and easy to get along with.


My classmates are extreamly nice and always show a friendly smile.


My classmates are students just as eager to learn and grow inside the classroom as they are outside of it; they challenge and encourage me to grow and explore new things.