University of Sioux Falls Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I believe The Unviersity of Sioux Falls is best known for its liberal arts education. If I had to pick on area I would choose the science area. I feel they have very good professors and a high acceptance rate for going on to graduate school.


The football team has won 3 out of 4 National Championships in the last 4 years and attracts many new recruits every year. It is also very well known for the Elementary Education program and teaching in general. That is a big reason why I was attracted to the school because I am an Elementary Education major.


The University of Sioux Falls is best known for our outstanding Christian backgroud, our devoted teachers, and, of course, our football team. This school is probably out of most peoples comfort zone, but because of the dedication and exceptional classes and teachers, it becomes a second home to most.


Our school is probably best known for our football program. We have won the national championship 3 years in a row now, I believe. A lot of guys that come here are recruited for football. Academicly, our school is most known for producing mass numbers of teachers. There are quite a few elementary education majors that graduate from USF. Our school should be best known for the faculty's attention to students because it is so great. Every professor here is willing to take special time out of their day to make sure you are helped. USF is great!


Our school is best known for our football team. The University of Sioux Falls has an amazing football team. They are still undefeated for the year and went undeated last year as well. When you talk to someone about where you go to college, they automatically ask you if you know anyone off of the team. Our football team gives us great publicity and gives our school a postive outlook to the people who are looking to come here.


USF is best known for athletics and it's christian foundations.


The University of Sioux Falls is best known for its highly liberal arts education. It is a Christian based university that focuses on the liberal arts and religious views. Students are close with each other and faculty due to smaller classes sizes and a tightly woven campus community. The University of Sioux Falls also has a strong athletic background ranging from football to tennis. The Cougar football team has remained undefeated for almost two straight years and has one the national championship twice in the last three years.


Its FOOTBALL team.