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The University of Sioux Falls is more than just a school, it is a community. The smaller size and emphasis on campus wide activities makes me feel like I'm home. From students to professors to staff, everyone knows everyone. You never feel alone or feel like some ID number, you feel like a person who matters, who belongs. This definitley isn't something that can be experienced at every other school.


Being an out of state student(from California), I love the fact that people at USF do not care where you are from and they accept you for who you are. People here are so friendly and the campus is beautiful. Everyone here is very helfpul and the staff here really go out of their way to make sure you succeed. The atmosphere is always upbeat and cheerful here as well.


close knit atmosphere. almost everyone recognises you.


The University of Sioux Falls is unique because the campus provides a small, tight-knit community atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. Since there are only around 2000 students, I recognize the majority of people I see in classes and at activities, and it makes me feel safe. Attending USF feels like home and provides me the opportunity to make lots of friends who I run into on a daily basis. If I had attended a larger school, quickly making so many close, new friends never would have been possible, and I would have constantly felt surrounded by strangers.


I go to a Christian Liberal Arts University. I can pray in class and outside of class. Unlike the other universities that I toured, I can ask my professors to pray for me.


The campus is small but the heart is big. This is really what I saw in comparison to other universities. Once I toured this campus prior to attending, it really felt like home. I did not want a very big campus and I wanted somewhere where it could be easy to be plugged in. Both of these things have been highly achieved and I love the heart of this campus.


It's a very close knit community here, everyone is your friend, and you can go to anyone if you need help at all.


The Christian atmosphere is very unique.


The first thing I remember when I visited my college is that there was such a warm and friendly enviornment. I felt like I was already at home. Every person I passed said hi or something encouraging to make me feel more welcome. Compared to the other schools I considered I guess that they didn't live up to the feeling of community that my campus has.


University of sioux falls is a private college.


It has a Christian atmosphere that is very welcoming to all people, no matter what their beliefs or background.


Looking for a Christian school, USF stuck out to me because religous views were my own, not pushed upon me. I could take Bible classes that I desired to take and I was challenged to uncover my own thoughts, ideas and opinions. Also, entering this campus, I could simply feel the warming community. This is not something I encountered on every campus, but when I came to USF I was sure that these people were like family. Inside and outside the classroom, students and facutly were united. Something that is VERY encouraging when leaving your home and beginning somewhere new.


i really liked this school because it was christian based. I thought the classes would be small like the ones i had in high school so that was another plus. A lot of the other schools were about the same price but just didnt have a better art program compared to USF, so i picked USF because of that reason.


The school contains christain elements, but does not shove religion down your throat. It is up to the indiviual to pursue religion themselves and the resources are provided to them. USF provides more of a real life approach to school by allowing many different people/values into the school and does not only allow Christians.


It is a extremely friendly environment. The professors and staff are very knowledgeable. Class sizes are a good size as well as campus size. Athletics are supported as well art and music on campus.


It is a christian liberal arts school, culture for service, and educates students in the humanities, sciences, and professions.


At the University of Sioux Falls, the campus is very close knit and everyone almost knows everybody else. The other schools i visited were smaller than the one I am at now and they didn't seem as close as USF. The professors here are here for more than just teaching us the things we need to know. They are like another family. They are there for the students when we need to talk or just to converse with us about our day. Its like having whole other set of parents while you are away from your own parents.


The University of Sioux Falls offers a Degree Completion Program(DCP), which is a cohort style program that meets one night per week. My classmates are also non-traditional students witha sincere desire to better their position in life by completeing their degree. The staff at the University of Sioux Falls, especially in the DCP division demonstrate a genuine concern for the individual students. Many on the University staff know me by name, I even encounter instructors out in the community during daily life. While I am responsible for myself I am supported by the community.


This school allows you to do sports and school and clubs at the same time. The work is tough and the teachers push you past the limit that you think you can handle and then help you climb to the top of the cliff.