University of Sioux Falls Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I normally mention when I hear we win a football game vs Augustana college that I joke about it to coworkers of mine that go there and customers that attend that school.


The great Christian atmospher and sense of community.


It is a close-knit Christian community where people do not feel pressured to fit a certain label; there are all types of people here at USF. Also, it is a small school, which means short walks to class and staff and students that truly know and care about you.


I like to talk a lot about our football team. Ever since I have been going there we have been national champions. Every game that I have gone to our score has been at least seventy points higher than our opponents' score.


I brag the most about our athletic success. We have great athletic programs here at school and it's awesome to be able to tell people we have success in athletics. Many students were involved in some kind of athletics in high school so that is usually a big turn on. I also love the location and size of my school. Sioux Falls is a great city and it grows and grows all the time. There is always something to do.


I go to a private college in wich we have the oppurtunity to express our relationship with Christ, and I am growing closer to him through the envirment I am around at college. My college also has an amazing community, you fell like you can be yourself.


I love the sense of community that USF has. The people, students, staff, and faculty, are all very friendly and pleasant as a whole, and I really feel like they work together to have others around them succeed.


I talk about how this university is very similar to a close knit family in the sense that everyone feels they belong here. Everyone from the President to the custodial staff make you feel wanted and important while always greeting you with a smile. If you are are looking for something to do on a Friday night, or just a friend to talk to, you do not have to look far around campus and a more than willing individual with present them self.




I brag about my school. USF has high prestigue in Sioux Falls and in South Dakota. I feel proud going to USF.


Our football team have been the national champions. I am on the tennis team and we do really well too.


Honestly, the small class and one on one time with some proffessors, also the women.


The community and frienships that one can build here.


When I tell my friends about my school I mostly brag about our athletic succes. I also brag about the fact that we are a small Christian University where we get quality education. Since most of the classes are with 30 students or less, the professors know you by your name and they give you more attention, therefore I believe we learn more. At bigger Univerisities not all the proffesors know your name and you are seen as a number rather than as a person.


the class sizes