University of Sioux Falls Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I feel that the cost of the school is the worst; I am always trying to figure out how to pay for tuition without taking out a personal loan.


The worst thing about my school is that some of the dorms aren't all the best I live in Grand Island and for most of the winter our heat didn't work. Luckily, we have heated blankets but during winter in South Dakota heat is quite necessary. Also, the dorms are pretty small. My roommate and I had to really compromise space wise.


The cost. It is expensive school to attend, however, I feel it is worth it. I have met some incredible people, had some amazing professors, and am receiving a great, well-rounded education.


the parking. people who live on campus do not even have a place to park without walking really far. and its cold. so, when people who live off campus come to school, there is absolutely without a doubt, no place to park.


I believe that the worst thing about the school, is the lack of punishments following a student's failure to comply with the rules. With the label of Christian Liberal Arts, USF should uphold the moral backbone in all aspects, but they often fail to step in and reprimand the student properly so the behavior is not repeated.


I would say our meals. There isnt that much of a variety and seems to eb the same thing every week.


The worst thing about my school is its overemphasis on football. My school is very successful in its division, but I feel it neglects those students' academics and takes funds away from more profitable areas, such as the arts.


The rising tuition costs over the two, almost three years that I've attended this university. Also the lack of awareness and opportunity for contribution that the students receive on the matter. The fact that I will be paying 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} more for my tuition my senior year than I did my freshman year and not receiving any extra finacial aid distresses me enormously. I've had more than a few friends transfer to different schools not because they want to, but because they don't have a choice with the rising costs. The whole situation just disgusts me.


There isn't really something that is the worst about our school. The only thing I can think of is that it's a little boring due to the few number of students that attend our school. Because it is very small, everyone knows everything about one another and it becomes a little overwhelming.


There are two parts about USF that I do not like. Wireless Internet is not available everywhere and this creates a lot of problems when I try to do homework in different places. It would make life a lot easier if there was wireless everywhere, especially in the dorms. Intervisitation is also a problem. Being in class all day means that i can only spend time with my friends at night, including those of the opposite sex. It would be nice to be able to spend time with them without always watching the clock.


The only bad thing about the University of Sioux Falls is the cost of tuition.


I would consider the worst thing about USF to be the amount of drinking that goes on both on, and off campus. And worse yet, most of the drinking that goes on is done by athletes that live both on and off campus. At least every weekend there is a party somewhere that takes place and if students don't go home, or if they don't drink thats were the rest of the students are. When freshman come here, they pretty much are told that if you like to drink and party, you're good to go.