University of Sioux Falls Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


All students should attend this school. Being a Christian school it gives students a chance to grow in their religion, meet new and friendly people, and feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves all while gaining an excellent education.


Students who require flexible course schedules.


Any person who doesn't have faith in God would most likely find that USF is not for them. I'm only freshman here and yet I can feel the presence of God all around me. USF doesn't try to hide the fact that they are a Christian liberal arts college, and some people will find the campus to Christian and some will find it not Christian enough.


a christian, well-rounded, positive person.


There is not a person in the world who should not attend this school, but people should go to a school that they feel fits themselves best.


Any person that is not willing to study more than just their intended major, should not attend. Along with classes, one that is not willing to put forth effort in becoming a Christian, because it is a Christian based college and many topics get related to the Word of God. So too, those that are not ambitious about the college life and willing to get involved should not attend USF due to it's great involvement with student activities on and off campus.


Whoever wants to attend this school can if they have decent test scores.


I think that The University of Sioux Falls is a wonderful school for those hungry to learn. The education recieved here challanges you but if handled correctly will not overwhelm you.


Someone who wants to have fun and enjoy knowing and meeting alot of people. In such a small environment, it's easy to meet new people!


If you don't want to grow and be challenged, if you don't want to become a better and stronger person, if you'd rather play it safe and not discover who you really are, don't come to school at the University of Sioux Falls.


Liberal athetist gay person


Someone who isn't a Christian or does not want to be around people who are christian.