University of Sioux Falls Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


More about my major.


How limited their course schedules are.


Before coming to the university level I would have liked to known about what the cost was going to do in the next four years. Money is going to be a issue in the future and knowing how much tuition is going to increase would have helped greatly. I would have also liked to known is how they were going to rip me off so I could have been prepared for it. I did not know how the school took from you and it would have been helpful to know that in advanced.


I wish I'd visited a few more times in high school so I would have better seen the sense of community. My decision between USF and other schools would have then been that much easier. USF is like a big extended family. It is so welcoming and the transition was made so easy for me.


I wish I knew about the buildings a little better before I came to this school. The ones that I use more often are not the ones I though I would be using.


There are so many things that teachers, parents, and loved ones can tell you to be ready for before you take your first class at college or before your first day in a dorm room but I don't think anyone can really prepare you for college except yourself. I don't think I would want to know anything more than I did before I went to college because I got to experience the unknown in my own way. And my college experience is something that will only happen once--I want it to be something I can remember forever.


That it was going to be so much work.


I guess I feel like I was prepared as I could've been.


One thing that I definately wish that I would have paid more attention to when I came to the University of Sioux Falls is the cost of attendance. It would have been smarter for my situation (my situation, that of my mother becoming ill and still unable to return to work, so financially and emotionally my family is more strained than normal) to transfer with all of my required generals from a cheaper school and finish out my major at USF. I also wish I would have looked further into the requirements of a private college versus a state college.


The thing that I wish that I would have known before attending this schoo,l is how to be more attentive. If I was more on top of my game when it came to assignment I would be more organized. Wishing that percratination was not an option, I feel that I would have gotten my assignment done on time. If turning back the hands of time was an option, I would learn from pass experiance and use time more wisely. Knowing time management before attending a proffesional instituion is very helpful. This way you will be more attentive doing assignments.


the level of intensity one needs to study to succeed in each class.


I wish I had known that I would have very minimal space to take classes that were not already required for me to take for my elementary education major. I wish I had known that it is quite unlikely that I will really graduate in four years.


How to better transition from living at home to living on campus. This would have been especially helpful since I am going to a school in my home town. It was extremely difficult to find the middle ground between being close to home but being independent at the same time.


I wish that I would have know earlier in high school how expensive college is so I could have saved more. I also wish that I would have had more classes in high school that would have appyled to more college coures.


How much more studying would be necessary to recieve the grades that I wanted to get in my freshman year.


An easy way of adjusting to the college life.


I wish I would have known that USF does not have a Medical School Program.


How clicquee the school is.