University of South Alabama Top Questions

Describe how University of South Alabama looks to someone who's never seen it.


USA is a small, family-based university that is a perfect fit for those looking for an intimate collegiate experience.


The University of South Alabama is the perfect balance of small college campus versus large college campus, where everyone knows one another but the opportunities and activities are endless.


The University of South Alabama is a rapidly growing center for higher education with many amenities to fully enjoy the college experience while offering a vast array of class choices and excellent instruction.


It was a wonderful experience where there was freedom of thought and experience and no one or nothing was limited becasue it did not meet an agenda of controlled thought and it definitely was not a politically correct school but held to the true values of a liberal education and I am forever thankful to have been at that school during that time.


University of South Alabama is the most amazing place to step into when you graduate high school, where you know you will be challenged on a high level of academics.


The University of South Alabama is a school which is diverse and can meet your educational needs and allow you the ability to find a rewarding career.


Up and growing, a great school for health related fields, new football team, but a little lacking in school spirit - getting better.


My school is very well-organized and involved with lots of school spirit.


My school is exciting, fun, located in a nice and clean area, and career driven


the university of south alabama is mone of the most amazing schools in the u.s.