University of South Alabama Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for it's medical programs. We have the number 1 medical school, and the number 2 nursing program in the nation.


South Alabama is best known for their amazing medical school. Students come from around the world to participate in academic programs and studies.


My favorite campus tradicion is the teepeeing of the trees during hollhomecoming week. The school provides tissue paper for the students to go roll the tress in honor of the festivities. It is always highly attended and is a blast!


Medical and Engineering departments and Sports teams.


IU is best known for their business department.


The high expectations of the courses offered. The team sports of many different styles. Large numbers international students.


Our school is best known for our basketball team. We have a pretty good basketball team. The basketball team gets a lot of support and brings the school spririt up.


Medical School and Facilities


My school is best known for engineering and the medical field.


Unlike most schools where there is a well-known football team present, our school has just recently formed a football team. We are known for our basketball team who has done so well in the past. I even saw them on ESPN which made me proud to go here last year.


For being open with many different people and ages. There is a large number of students who are not traditional students. We have a wide variety of students!


The basketball and baseball teams.