University of South Alabama Top Questions

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Due to the smaller classes, it is easier to get to know your professors. The professors care about how well that you do in their class. They are willing to help you and want you to ask questions. I have asked other students from bigger schools about that and they say that is not the case at all. I am blessed to go to a school that wants you to succeed to the best of your ability.


The University of South Alabama, in comparison to similar schools, has more scholarships and financial aid available to prospective students. In-state tuition is offered to students from all along the Gulf Coast. They also offer apartment-style dorm rooms and updated facilities. The range of degree programs is impressive, as is their medical school. USA holds a high ranking among its peers.


The University of South Alabama offers a traditional four year degree in liberal arts which is an advantage over obtaining a two year degree elsewhere first where I would not have been able to take classes pertinent to my degree, along with the fact that all the classes I am interested in taking are offered at South with the addition of other subjects I have been introduced to while there and decided to take also in order to refine myself into a more well rounded individual.


Overall, it's a build-you-own experience, and there are bound to be better colleges. USA has a little diversity, but the student body is anything but small. Plus, we aren't really a community, try as we might, because there are so many students and so much going on. There are a few on-campus traditions, but we're mostly all trying to earn degrees and get out...I don't really think anyone is expecting to build a legacy here. We just don't have enough of an academic history...


This University is well located and laid out very nicely. Great facalities, and just a great atmosphere for learning.


It's very diversed and the students here are very friendly, especially here in the south compared to central Florida where I'm from. There are many students from Japan, the Middle East, South Korea, and some from the Carribeans, Europe, and Mongolia.


the school has a lot of school spirit. And i think most universities need that


Excellent staff- professors are very knowledgeable and helpful.


My school is unique because of the environment. Its one of the nicest school's. Everyone treats you with respect, they enjoy being there so it makes you want to be there also. Its close to home so theres no worry of getting to school on time, and with the gas prices it helps.


One thing is location, we are considered the wetest city in the U.S. due to the amount of rainfall we recieve each and every year.


There are so many different excellent departments of major that U.S.A offers. We have the most extensive engineering and computer information sciences departments in the southern United States area. The health sciences and research centers we have are some of the best there are in the country. Most large universities have freshman level classes that are made to be extremely difficult simpy to "weed out" half of the entering freshman class; at University of South Alabama, the teachers of those difficult courses are very helpful and aren't trying to get half of their class to fail out.


More professional atmosphere and a tougher curriculum.


South Alabama is a school that is a medium size. It is just perfect! It is the size that you see new people all the time, but at the same time you know a lot of people too. One of the big differences that is noticeable at South is that we are just now starting up our first football team! It has brought our students closer together while trying to support this new sport; it has also brought new people out to campus, giving South the chance to get more exposure.