University of South Alabama Top Questions

I don't drink. Will it be hard for me to go to parties?


Absolutely NOT! We have these flyers all over South with information taken from a survey they did here. They say roughly 60% of students drink 0-3 drinks (a drink is 1 shot/mixed drink/beer). There are many people that are not ashamed to say they aren't drinking because they are the DD, or they just don't like the feeling. I've even seen people who don't drink partner up with people who love to drink so they can play beer pong without having to drink the beer! There are so many more things to do at parties besides drink, like making friends (NETWORKING!). Don't be afraid to get out there because you're scared someone will judge you for not drinking. Some drunken idiot might say something, but I guarantee that most people will respect you for standing your ground.

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