University of South Alabama Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I like to brag about how beautiful my campus is and how involved they get their student body.


I mostly brag about the benefits I get as an honor student. I get to sign up for classes before other students and I get free printing.


South Alabama is close to the beach and there are several things to do in Mobile. On campus, I would have to that South offers alot of activities for the students to get involved in. There are academic clubs, intramural sports, and sporting events that students get to attend for free!!!! Speaking of free sporting events, our school now has a football team!!!! We also have a new recreation center almost completed. For all those who intend to major in engineering or computer science, a new building is being constructed. We also have a new Allied Health building.


That my college has an excellent medical program and how i hope to be accepted into medical school. The rate that the university is growing is another factor to be bragged on.


South Alabama is located in Mobile, AL. I came from a small town in Mississippi therefore being in a place this big was overwhelming at first. As I have made friends and been here a while now, I can say that I would not want to be anywhere else. Everyone is friendly and making friends is a breeze. Not to mention, you would not want to be anywhere else during Mardi Gras which is the most fun time of the year.


I brag about the cost of the school in relevance to the quality of education received, the large amount of professors with doctoral degrees, and the new buildings/developments underway currently. The University of South Alabama is really stepping up their "game" among other major universities in the region.


College size and the great location


The atmosphere and class sizes the campus has to offer, I enjoy not having two hundred students in a classroom because i feel like i am being taught and not preached to. Also the atmosphere is awesome and i love being a part of this facility.


I mostly brag about how the university has so many career options. Also, the campus is very big, which is a great . Students do not have to feel cluttered in the class rooms or in the cafeteria due to the campus being so big. I enjoy the university's diversity in students too. All different types of students attend USA, so you are able to meet a wide variety of different people. The campus scenery is perfect.You can find a bench and enjoy the day for hours on campus. To me, almost everything is great about USA.


I was selected to be a Southbound leader. This meaning I get to get close and personal to every aspect of the university. By doing this, I am better able to talk with incoming students, and tell them in a student way about South. Our university is unified, and that is pretty much where a good university begins. Peer groups allow students to learn from others. A student in need is never judged. Sometimes, they just need a different approach, and that's where students help. Our university covers every aspect of education, from med school, education to engineering.


That there is hardly anything to do.