University of South Alabama Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I cant say we have a "Stereotype" at our school. Thats like asking what is the stereotype of the worlds population. We are too diverse for that.



Frat brothers, sorority sisters, foreign students (many of them)


One stereotype of students at the University of South Alabama is that we are below average or mediocre students. USA accepts almost any student who graduates high school, so students from other universities may look down on us as lacking exclusivity. In truth, the school is open to most applicants to give people a chance at success. Even those who did not perform exceptionally in high school still have a second chance to prove themselves. Those students who put in extra effort in high school are rewarded with awesome scholarships. This is a much better incentive than just denying students a chance at great professional careers. The academics at USA remain very competitive with larger universities, and in some cases are better.


A common stereotype that is associated with my school is that it is a dangerous campus because crime rates seem to be high although crime is everywhere and not necessary unusually higher here. Another stereotype is that USA is a "white" school, but it is definately far from that. It is very diverse.


Many people feel their is minimal involvolvement in community service, organizations, etcetera (besides sports) on our campus. In actuality, there are many chances to get involved from donating books to illiterate children to chances talent shows, poetry readings, and bake sales to fund student organizations. Of course there are athletic events to look foward to, but there is so much more.


Due to the fact that South is a local, public College, people who generally decide to stay in Mobile to attend college are people who are wanting to focus on their education. They are not worried about attending a big college for the social aspect. But because of the high acceptance rate of the University of South Alabama, first-year drop-outs are very common. But I have found in my Sophomore year that the educated people are usually the only ones that make it to their second year.


I would have to say that jocks being competitive would be the biggest stereotype. It seems true to an extent.


We are known for being a "commuter" college. Even though we have a major commuter population, we are growing in our resident numbers every year.