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The University of South Alabama has excellent academic programs. However it could be a much safer environment for students.


For the most part, the professors will not learn your name unless you frequently communicate, which is a good idea. My favorite class that I have taken this far is Criminology tought by Mrs. Stephanie Fisher. She was a great interactive teacher who made learning fun! My least favorite class has been Judicial Processes, I left that class feeling as if I could have taught myself all of the information on my own, because I did! Most students study around 5 hours a week in my opinion. For the most part class participation is common, in fact several of my teacher's will call on you suddenly to discuss the topic at hand. My major is Criminal Justice with a minor in psychology. I spend time with professor's outside of class on a need to basis. For example, if i have a question about the topic we covered, or a question regarding a study guide I will email the professor. Overall, I typicall send one or two emails to each professor every other week or so. I feel the academic requirements in general 4-year programs are excessive. I have taken numerous classes that I believe have no relation to my major or minor and is simply a waste of time and money. However, the education here is geared to both getting a job and learning for educational purposes. Some classes focus on one or both.


Overall, South Alabama is an awesome school in terms of academia and educational facilities. However, there are a few kinks that need to be worked out when it comes to the aspect of housing and residence life on campus. Nevertheless, South is still a wonderful campus to be involved with.


I believe that the school has very challenging teachers with a great student body. One main problem is that the student body does not back South Alabama as a school. South has a strong city-based pride, but the student pride lacks. This is proven by the attendance of students to Athletic events such as basketball games and football games. The biggest disappointment about this school is that it is a dry campus, which completely destroys any type of social aspect that could be held on campus. It is well known that college kids love to drink to have fun, and because of the dry campus, it takes all of the social aspects off of campus. Which also plays a danger factor when you consider the people who live on campus having to drive(probably impaired) back to campus after a social event is held off of campus, but I digress. What I love most about the school is its ability to expand, with our new president not afraid to spend the money to improve the landscape of our school and to implement new buildings to the school makes for the student body school spirit to increase. South encourages the usages of new ideas, which makes for a great learning environment, such as the new idea of Jag Bikes, which I think failed due to the lack of thinking of how to keep the bikes on campus. But having the encouragement of new ideas helps the learning environment.


I think that South Alabama is just the right size. It's not a huge campus, but it is well known around the area. We have a great football team, who were, until just recently, undefeated. We also have a lot of activities to get involved in, a great rec center, and many different clubs.


The University of South Alabama is a great place to learn, meet exciting new friends, and mature into a well cultured and educated adult--standing ready to meet the next level of challenges that life has to throw at you.


We also aren't small. Enrollment was around 10,000 in-coming Freshmen this year, I think. We have a student population of around 40,000. That's a lot of people going to one college. Budget shortfalls have caused some programs to be cut, and some classes aren't offered consistantly. I'm also a bit disappointed with what goes on on campus. There are a few academic extra-curriculars offered by USA. There are a few lectures here and there and a couple of faculty or student concerts and plays.The lectures are usually free, but the concerts and plays require a fee, even for students. We also have the student newspaper; you won't get paid for writing for them anymore, though. You can also volunteer for the campus television station--Jag TV. We also have a recreation center, an in-door swimming pool, and a student gym with various classes and activities, all free, I believe. If you are into sports we also have collegiate and intermural teams, oh, and don't forget football...we're currently undefeated...if you are into that sort of thing...


We have a new football and new marching band in the works for next fall! We are one of only two colleges with College of Medicine in the state of Alabama! We have a top five Nursing program in the nation! We are growing in numbers and size! Come by for a campus tour! Just call 251-460-6141