University of South Alabama Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time to talk to myself I would advise myself to take high school seriously and practice for the ACT. I would have to tell myself that even though I was doing ok in school I needed to step it up; because in college I have to put all my effort into my classes. The second advice would be to practice for the ACT more than I did. After being in school and trying to get scholarships, the ACT is the biggest factor in not being able to apply for the scholarships. I would make sure that I not only practice for the test but get tutoring in order to make the highest score possible.


Dear Kaitlyn, We need to talk. Trust yourself, the choice of UCMO is a great one, you are going to love it. Don't be afraid or worried, you can do it. You actually will get better grades, feel more challenged and learn more than you can imagine. You will meet some great people, friends that will last a lifetime, and discover yourself as a pretty well adjusted young girl. The campus is easy to get around in and find your classes. Quit worrying, you will get to class on time and do your own laundry! This year study more, but stay involved in all the clubs and activities you are in. Enjoy the time you have as captain of the Laker Dance team and quit stressing, the team loves you. Be thankfull of the teachers that are hard on you, they really do care. You are trying too hard to fit in socially. All of the drama will seem silly to you next year. Focus on the future. One other thing, mom and dad are right. Yes, you said it. They know you will love college and your choice to be an Elementary Teacher. Sincerely, Me/You - Kaitlyn


I would try and make sure to stress good study habits early in order to not be so overwhelmed once I got to college. For the first semester, I was shocked at the amount of study that is required in order to succeed in the Radiology program that I chose to pursue as my career. It has taken trial and error and much time in order to successfully navigate the time allotted to me in order to conquer the tasks that are needed to be successful in this program. I would attempt to make known to my earlier self to use the time you are given wisely and with hard work and determination I can be successful at anything I put my mind to.


College is a lot different than high school in terms of studying. Studying for college tests require alternative ways of studying such as making flash cards, reading chapters, going over slides, and attending every class and even joining study groups. The teachers are there to help but they have more than just 35 students a day. You have to study hard to succeed and to achieve a high GPA.


I would have began seeking out funding and enrolled prior to my high school graduation, college is great and I wished I would have attended years ago


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to do what is best for me and follow my own dream. I would tell myself that I have the rest of my life ahead of me and that I should not choose to do something or to go to a certain college just to make someone else happy. I would also encourage my high school self to explore different fields that I have interest in to have a better understand about which major I want to choose. I would also recommend taking more AP classes for my high school self to participate in to help better prepare myself for college level classes and to, hopefully, receive college credits. By going back in time to talk to my high school self, I would give myself the tools and guidelines to succeed in the next level of my education.


I will work or do community service during the summer because it would mentally prepare me for the work load, how to manage my time, learn how to be organized and stay organized. I will contact different web sites for college scholarships and apply to see what scholarships I qualify for. I will visit a college to get a feel for college life, like check out the dorms, roommates, the layout of the campus, and to get a feel for the surrounding community. I will network with other college students on face book, church and other organizations that college students participated in. I will make sure I have a laptop/computer and all the tools and school supplies I need for class so that I will be very successful. Thanks so much!


I should study more and focus on my dream career. I need to work hard for what I want because my life depends on the education that I will receive. Focusing on my dream is key and do not ever give up no matter how hard it becomes keep going. Think about the future and what becoming a dentist will do for me. Think about how I can help people and make their lives better. I will have a family someday and I will want what is best for my family. I will want to give them a shelter, a place to stay, and a great life. If i can become a dentist I will make my parents very proud and make myself feel like I am someone, I can help someone live a better and healthier life. I would keep telling myself to keep my head up high and keep going for what I want. I would tell myself keep trying and try harder. Tell myself "I will become a dentist one day and helping people will make me a better person." I would tell myself to look a head at all times and do not worry about mistakes.


Hello, High School Me, Congratulations on your pending graduation! You've done well so far, but I have some advice to help you get the most from your college experience: Have a strong support system. It helps to have someone to get through the rough times with. It's also nice to be able to share our successes with others. Stay focused. You'll be introduced to many new experiences during college. Remember why you're there and what you want to accomplish. Talk to your teachers. You'll be surprised to find that they're human, too! Most teachers will be more than happy to help if you're having trouble in class. Some will even become your friend. Look for ways to save. "Broke College Student" doesn't have to be your moniker. Buy your own groceries, look for student discounts and avoid the university bookstore like the plague. Most importantly, don't doubt yourself. Have faith and persevere. You'll make it, just wait and see. I see great things in your future. Love, Collge You


If I could go back in time and lecture myself about college life I'd tell myself how it's much more exciting, how it's much more difficult, and how it's diversified than high school. Though I do not live on campus, campus involvement is not limited to just the preps and jocks. Various groups are formed for a diversity of students who want to become more involved. Their activities range from local card games to intermural sports to community service. There's just about a club for each individual attending college. Club activities, however, do not count towards your final grade. In high school I never really had to study to make good grades. That all changed after my first exam in college. I'd tell myself countless hours of study sessions wil be necessary! Group sessions are helpful! Finally, I would tell myself about the diversity of the school. There were only an finite amounts of clicks you could observe. In college, the amount surpasses my ability to count! So it's impossible to be lonely in college! The more friends you have in the upcoming years will reflect your (my) academic performance!


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say to spend more time with friends. The last year of high school is supposed to be the most memorable, and looking back, that is the one thing I regret. I only focused on my future and did not pay attention to the present, so most of my friends disappeared. Friends are the ones who will carry me through the tough semesters of late night studying and stressful exams. I would also tell myself that high school really is nothing like college; it simply does not compare. All the worrying I had in high school was minuscule. There is so much information to learn, and everything builds. Cramming will not cut it. I must be consistent with studying and develop a time efficient schedule. But I would also be encouraging to my senior self. I would say that the classes I was taking in high school will prepare me well for the courses I am taking now in college. Going away for college is overrated, and I will actually thank myself for staying home and becoming closer with my family.


As a senior, you live as a princess who has dreams and aspirations for what the future is holding in the palm of its hand. You are dreaming of college life and a future filled with a career, travel and family. Although you are working a small part-time job, your parents are making sure there is a need for nothing. Soon after high school, your dreams will quickly become reality as you are shuffled into a dorm room and into a new life. Unfortunately, with your new found freedom also comes an abundance of bad choices. These choices will lead you into being a single mother, 200 miles from home, without that desired college education. Although the pilgrimage through being a single mother was hard, it is not one you would want to choose. Please remember that you can offer your children and family so much more if your quest for that college education becomes fulfilled. I read a quote once that said, "may the dreams of your past be the reality of your future." The dreams of that princess in the past can and will be the reality of your future if you just hang on.


I would tell myself to be more involved with campus life, for example, clubs and volunteer activities. You make great connections that way. Involvement in campus activities can help with your career goals as well. I would also tell myself to be more organized. With that in mind, college, in essence, is a job that requires great organizational and critical thinking skills.


Begin application process as soon as you can apply to multiple schools and think about cost & location.


Apply, apply, apply for scholarships - you will be thankful. Also, make sure you study for the ACT. Most schools award scholarships based on this. I know it's hard work now, but study and it will pay off big time. Research where you want to go and ask specific questions. Do they offer an early acceptance program, what's the student/teacher ratio, is a meal plan required, etc? What is the school you are looking at good at? Health-related, agriculture, etc. Do they have people who will get you in contact with companies when you graduate? Set boundaries with your roommate(s). If you don't do so in the beginning, it will not work out well in the end. Ask students and people in the field about your major. This will help you more than any Adviser could. Most importantly, what do they offer that you can participate in outside of class. Whether it is swing dancing lessons, a sorority, or a medical honor society. What does this school have that can benefit you and your interests.


Stay motivated and don't get overwhelmed.


If the chance was given to me to go back and converse with myself as a high school senior I would reassure myself that going on to a university is the right choice. There is nothing wrong with going to a junior college, but i feel to have a successful career in the future a degree from a university is key. Going to junior college was a good experience for me to realize what i really want in life and for me, i would like to have a competitive and high paying career.


I have to study more hard in my high school and during my A level so that my result could be better. And by doing so, I could compete in those scholarships in order not to burden my parents who are working so hard for the tuition fees. So, study hard now and relax in the later life. I know I could do it, do not give up when encountering obstacles. Be determined and patient , I will succeed one day.


If I could go back in time to be a high school senior there would lots of advice to give. The first thing would be to not let myself fall behind in school work. Knowing that I am the type of course to crash and falll under pressure, I would make sure that I would keep up with all the things I need to do school wise to stay on top of my game. Secondly, I would remind myself to have a career set in mind before entering. That way I can go begin taking classes that I need to graduate on time, and to not tkae any classes that I do not need. Finally, I would advice myslef to not be judgmental of the people surrounding me. You never know who can end up being an important person in your life. Plus everyone has the same mind-set as you, they all want to have as many friends as possible just to have someone there for then in a time of need or for a career opportunity. Being here a year and a half, I would now know what to say to prepare myself.


Try every possiblities out there for chances to go to school. Take the ACT many times as you can. Apply like crazy to achieve high scores and everything in school. Also apply like crazy to scholarships and grants to pay for it now rather than later.


College is one of the most important transitions in a student's life; however not many parents or students have a clue of what to expect and how to make the best of it. First thing is first, find a campus that is oriented around the students and not just academics, community, social life, ect. because having a school that cares about how you individually do, in the end reflects on your final grades and how you respond in class. To make the most of your college experience, don't just sit in your room by yourself and study all the time; Get out there and get involved! Weither you want to go greek, join an intramural team, or a community oriented group, go for it! Meeting new people and getting to know those who have the same interest as yourself is an amazing experience. College is not just meant for you to sit in class, take notes and becoming a hermit in your room; it is about finding yourself and realizing what all life has to offer for you beyond the classroom.


Find a college that have extra curricular activites and that will make your college expierment fun. Also make sure you find a college that has a friendly outgoing staff that makes you feel comfortable and thats helpful!


I would recommend any upcoming student to stay focused. Do not let the parties and drinking take over the most important thing which is your grades. That does not mean do not have fun. Meet new people and make the best of your college experience, but make sure your grades are the best at all times. I would tell parents of the students to always encourange their kids and to never put them down, even if they mess up. Parents should constantly tell their kids they are pround of them and should them plenty of love.


When choosing a school and academic program, make sure to visit on campus during a school semester. Ask questions regarding your program, requirements, and what listed classes are actively taught. Speak with students about the school. During your college career, meet with advisors at least once a semester whether you "need" to or not. Speak to your professors often and keep in contact with ones in your program. Speak up during classes when you have questions. Professors take note of who is showing they are trying. Make sure as soon as you sense a problem to speak to your professor. Visit them during thier office hours. Visit your campus library. It will be useful to be able to navigate the stacks. Use all student services available to you - tutoring, computer labs and counseling services. Keep track of your schedule and homework. Plan time in your schedule for homework - more than one session for large projects you are likely to get them done without conflicts between classes. Make sure to plan time for fun. Make the most of your experience - take classes with variety, join clubs or groups that spark interest. Broaden your horizons. give yourself opportunity to spread your wings.


parents and students need to spend some time together in campus, be aware of the enviroment and the different people attending the institution. While attending college, studetents need to make sure they avoid drugs and narcotics, because that kind of things are not healthy neither good for people who is trying to graduate and suceed in life.


When searching for the 'right' institution, students need to have thoroughly thought about their interests and what they want to acheive or experience while at college. Students need to be aware of campus involvement, job and intern opportunities offered through the school, and what kind of students attend the institution. The best ways to obtain this information is to visit various campuses, research the information offered by the institutions, and talk to students who attend or have recently attened the school. Parents should consult with their children and help them organize their information and opinions without pressuring them into making a decision too quickly. If the student is competent enough to have a good idea of what is best for them, the parents should respect his/her opinions and decisions. To get the most out of their college experience, students have to get involved in some extracurricular activity, whether it be sports-, greek-, honor society-, organization-, or volunteer-related. They also need to be able to recognize their limits in studying, socializing, and committing. All-in-all, student should be responsible but enjoy their experience with everything they do.


Make sure you research and visit the campus before making any definate decisions. Research and experimentation is the key to seeing what is the best decision.


Do your research! Make sure to contact your school for all the available scholarships because so many go unrewarded due to the fact that most students having no clue about them.


Talk to current students about the level of difficulty in classes, Go Greek - it is an instant support system, know all the ins and outs of the financial aid office, never be afraid to ask a "dumb" question, keep in touch-sometimes we just need to know our family misses us, speak with as many professors as you can before you decide on a school, make sure you like the campus-you will be spending alot of time there, explore all housing options-some are less expensive some are more but you have to find the right fit for you or you will be miserable!!


Do your homework! Find out exactly how much it will cost and what financial help you can get before you attend or you may get a surprise.


I think parents to research the area around the school to make sure their children have places they can go that are both entertaining and safe. However, find a place that doesn't have too much to do also because students can easily get distracted and not want to do their schoolwork. I also think weather plays a major role in a college choosing. If there is nice weather, a student more likely to feel a sense of energy in doing their work instead of loathing to go to class.


go where you feel comfortable. enjoy where you are becuase you will be there for 4 years or even more. if you dont like it there is trouble having to transfer credits. so go spend a day on campus just looking around and seeing how life is on campus join in on a few things. do this on your own but also with a school official. that way you get the experience that the school wants you to have and the one that you might truely have. most of all go where you will have fun and study hard!




Attend the tours and meetings, rather than just send the student. Get involved. Learn not just about the fraternities , but also about orgainizations that are just as much fun and rewarding. Remember the real reason you are at college. Make sure the careerchoice you have in mind matches, in that the university offers a full program in that area. Remember not to overload your schedule because we hve to work . Overloading will cause you to not do as well as you could have done. Be sure to check a variety of colleges, as opposed to famous name schools. When I was in the search process, I visited a university that advertised a chemical engineering program. They also had a great music program that I loved. After a few meetings, I learned that the engineering program would really only be equivilant to two years. I would still have had to go elsewhere to get education to the fullest extent in my field. Music was my passion, but not my career choice. Keep in mind what you want at the end of a four year education. In closing, make decisions for the rest of your life, not just today.


i would tell them that their life and what they want out of life depends on what college they choose to make the right choice.


From personal experience, I attended the University of Alabama (large state college) my freshman year and was miserable. The classes were large and impersonable and the student body was very wealthy and not very friendly. Whenever I arrived at University of South Alabama, I felt more at home because of the smaller and more close knit campus life. My advice for future students attending college is to spend the night or weekend at the college you are considering and "be the student." Attend a class, eat in the dining area, and become apart of that college for a short time. The only way to know that the college is for you is to experience it first hand. Whenever you finally chose your college, just remember to breathe. The professor are human beings and have personal lives just like you. The best thing I have ever done is to actually talk to my professor if I need help. And trying not to be cliche', join a club or organization and meet different people. College can be wonderful if you take advantage of all the oppurtunities available.


Go to a college were you would have a lot of friends or to a college were the social environment suits you. Your friends and the people you hang out with are a major decideing factor on wether you complete college. Hopefully your friends are academically driven.


Go where you feel most at home and get involved on your campus. Its the easiest way to make new friends and make the most of your college experience.