University of South Alabama Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that it has such a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. In college you will undoubtedly get overwhelmed and stressed out, but when you look around my campus you see palm trees, flowers blooming, and the sun shining even in December. It is so nice to have such a picturesque place to live.


I consider the population size the best thing about my college. It fits me well and allows me to meet consistently meet new people while having small classes.


I think our buildings are definitely unique. They've been doing a lot of construction and upgrading at South in the last couple years, and I'm really impressed. South also has a lot of really awesome nature features. We have a big beautiful bell tower and Alumni Plaza, Glenn Sebastian nature trails, a disk golf course, a man made swamp, and pretty much the best Rec Center ever! The new buildings look very modern and cool, while the older buildings still shine with history. Did I mention we actually have alligators in our swamp?


Something that is unique about my campus is that it has a state of the art recreation center that includes everything from indoor and outdoor pool, indoor track and soccer field. It has racketball rooms, pingpong, basketball court, volleball nets, work-out weights, and free classes for all types of work outs.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and helpful.


This school has a large ammount of degrees / programs availible, and from what I know they are all acredited and have a good reputation within the community as far as quality of education is concerned. In adddition, the tuition for the University of South Alabama, fees, and other associated costs is very cheap when compaired to many other high level four year colleges.


Probably the best thing about USA is the wonderful group of Priofessors working there. They are dedicated and really excellant teachers, who really care about their students.


the rec center is very essential to all students. the university library also helps the students in so many different ways. with the computers and the bookshelfs being so organized.


The diversity of the college population and the uniqueness of students and their culture, University of South Alabama is the truth sense of the word south the college staff and professors or warm and supportive of students and their needs. I am happy to be apart of this great community of friendship.


The best thing about my school would probably be the various clubs and organizations that allow students to become more involved in their community and in their social surroundings. While in high school, there were limited spots available to students who wanted to join a club. However, in college, as long you possess the necessary requirements to be eligible, your're for sure to be able to join not only one but many clubs. I myself was able to join five organizations (three of them being honor societies and two being community service).