University of South Alabama Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


At first, I never really considered the University of South Alabama, simply because it was in the town I grew up in. I wanted to get away from Mobile, and at the time I started seriously thinking about college, USA didn't have a marching band. When USA got a football team and marching band, I considered it a backup plan. A couple high school wrecks and problems like overdrawing my bank account made me realize I probably wouldn't survive without my mom. I ended up choosing USA because of proximity to my mom, marching band, and it was also my cheapest option.


I decided to attend the University of South Alabama primarily because of the location. I grew up in Grand Bay, AL, which is not far from campus. My family still lives there so it's convenient when I want to visit them. Also, I am applying to the College of Medicine at South. It is much easier to get accepted the Med School if you also complete a bachelor's degree at South.


USA was my second choice until I came to visit the campus. After visiting the campus I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was the campus for me. The moderness of the campus, the facilities, and the Spanish program that they offered attracted me to this school. The one thing that made me choose south was that the residence halls included a bathroom inside the room rather than down the hall.