University of South Carolina-Beaufort Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The Hunted Forest at USCB is a fun Halloween night activities for students and their families to have a fun time. Students get together and help set up the activity and a lot of people participate in it. There's also movie nights in which you're able to watch great movies at no cost with friends (somewhat of a break from academics)


I believe our school is best known for a few things. USCB is known for their quality education through professor guidance, the student life and activities on campus, and the small but beautiful campus itself. Students are very likely to succeed there, academically and socially. Unlike larger campuses, students are not just a number and are able to receive one on one tutoring with professors. There are almost always activities going on on campus for the students to connect and meet new people. The atmosphere at USCB is warm and welcoming and that's what USCB is best known for.


We have a lot of baseball players, track, and golf players. There is an interesting marine biology course since we are but 20 minutes from the coast. There are a plethora of musicians currently residing on campus, and a vast amount of time is spent with others around campus.


I would say that the school is best known for it's Hospitality Program for the students.