University of South Carolina-Beaufort Top Questions

What kind of person should attend University of South Carolina-Beaufort?


The diversity is enormous! You can be a major in Biology, Buisness, Hospitality, Communication etc. A person who is artistic, (musically, drawing, etc) friendly, career focused, driven, and sociable should attend this school. It is a small school, but is growing rapidly, so a person who wants growth in their school should also attend.


The type of person that should attend USCB is someone with an extreme amount of patience and someone who knows exectly what the want to do.


A person who is looking for a small university, but a spread out community would be enjoy this University's atmosphere. Usually students who have grown up or who have lived in the area and/or their family is still close enjoy this college. Also. the area is gorgeous. The beach is located less than 30 minutes away with Savannah, GA less than 45 minutes away. Most students like to use this as a starter school and then transfer once they complete freshman year.


The type of Students that should attend this institution, is an older crown like between 24-40 it's mainly for retirees, and students going back to school to get bachelors, or masters.