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What kind of person should not attend University of South Carolina-Beaufort?


A person who I would not recommend attending this university is one who is isolated and wants to stay below the "radar". With the campus not being very large, most students know each other and the professors know the students as well. One who tries to skip class all the time and keep to himself will not succeed academically and socially. The campus at USCB is very interactive and always something to do. Succeeding here means being outgoing and proactive, not being isolated or tyring to get by through skipping class and such. '


The type of person not to attend USCB would be someone looking for a never changing school. USCB is 50 years old but, the South campus in Bluffton is only 5 years old. On this campus new building are being built every year or so. Although USCB is nothing compared to its sister school in Columbia. It has more to offer. Classes are smaller, Staff will learn your name, and a student will be able to change the campus for future students. This is a great campus for young people looking to help other young people.


In my opinion i believe that the type of person that shouldn't attend this school is a person thats looking for a large campus, with well over eleven thousand students and a campus that has alot of sports teams.


I believe that a person who is not dedicated or not enthusiastic should attend this school. The school has small classes so that teachers have the opportunity to help their students. Also alot of people around campus are very outgoing and positive so if ur not much of a social person you might ot want to come either. I no school isn't for socializing but they have activities to bring us together. they put their time into doing that for us. I belive that we should take advantage of this experience and not be a "negative nelly."


Anyone thinking about college in the Hilton Head, Beaufort, Charleston, Bluffton, Savannah, Rincon, or jasper area of South Carolina and Georgia.