University of South Carolina-Beaufort Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You'll usually do better than you think you will. Stay focused. You don't have to make friends right away. Go easy on yourself.


If I could go back to 17 year old Ciara as a senior at Eaglecrest HIgh school, I would tell myself that you will make it to college but you have to create better study habits than what you currently have, and once you get to college you can not just slide by anymore you must do the work and be dilligent. I would explain that college will be the best years of your life and you that you have to use all the resources your college provides you so that you are not on the verge of failing and so that you are not having to deal with academic probation. I would let my younger self no it gets better and that it is not the end of the world. Last but certainly not least I would explain to myself that you are worthy and capable of all the things you say you want to do and do not second guess yourself because that will get you in trouble academically. I know as a senior in high school I had no clue how intense college courses could get and how overwhelming it would be for me.


Have not begun the semester yet.


I would say to study more and take harder classes. I took school seriously, but I could have studied more. Also don't get over loaded with work and school, school should come first. Also try to still have fun and enjoy your high school and college years!


There are a number of areas that I would discuss with myself as a high school senior. They include the following: determination, commitment, and responsibility. Determination will be an asset to my college life and will help me strive for excellence to achieve all my educational goals. Moreover, I know that I need to stay focused on all my goals and not lose sight of the vision I have for my future. I know that there are going to be hard times but the number one thing I have to remember is not to conform to what I have and to always strive for more and more. In addition, commitment is another area that is very important to success in the college life. One has to be committed 100% in everything and anything they do. Even though commitment may not be easy one has to remember that in the end those long hours of studying and doing homework eventually pay off. Likewise, responsibility is also a vital area that will assist me in my college life. Responsibility means getting to school on time, completing all assignments on time, and even going out of your way to seek additional help.


If I could go back in time to advise myself about college, from what I know so far, I would have to say that it is real life. You meet people from all over the country, and find out that they have intrests similar to your own. I would tell myself to not be afraid to meet new people and experience new cultures and acitivities because variety is the spice of life! College is nothing like high school. Yes the work load may be similar according to what classes one is used to taking, but the people here are the ones who want to contribute to the world of tomorrow. One has to have determination, focus, drive and motivation to succeed...not just in college, but in adulthood as well. College prepares you for the world outside of your home; financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. I'd say prepare for the start of finding out who you are, realize that there are so many opportunities that one doesn't even know is in existence, and understand that despite the age of thinking one knows everything, one knows nothing.


I have gotten knowledge. It is valuable because no one will ever take that away from me.


I have learned to apreciate life more and the people in it. You can get caught in the hipe of college and kind of forget who helped you to get to the point that you are now. It taught me how hard I can work and fight for what I want and I thank God that i was given this opportunity. School helped me to realize what i really want to do with my life and what i want to do with my college education. Now there is nothing left to it but to do it!


I have not yet attended college because it is not fall yet. However I did schedule an orientation and it was amazing. The campus is beautiful and a great environment to study and feel safe in. I have met most of the professors and they are amazing as well. I know that I will get one on one help on my work there. What also makes is great is the current students. They are very friendly and I can be myself around most. I cannot wait to go to college now. All the butterflies flew out of my stomach and I'm not nervous to leave my town anymore.


I have gotten many things in addition to the full college experience by attending the University of South Carolina- Beaufort (Bluffton). I love the small atmosphere and how the faculty and staff are so eager and willing to help whenever needed. The dorms are also another perk of attending the University of South Carolina- Beaufort (Bluffton). We have apartment style dorms that come equipped with everything we need from washing machines and dryers to dishwashers. This makes me feel like I am right at home which I think has had a postive effect on my grades. The school has even gone so far as having the housing staff adopt two puppies for us in the attempt of creating "a home away from home" feeling. I believe attending the University of South Carolina- Beaufort (Bluffton) has made me a well rounded person and has started to prepare me for my future as an attorney.


Knowledge and plenty of it is what I have so far gotten out of college. I never thought I would go to college. But after long discussions and alot of advice from my parents. Whom did not attend college, and are now struggling to provide a well adjusted life for my brother, sister and myself. I have decided that education was the only way to overcome most of the opstacles that they have had to deal with in life. My mom was a teenage mother and chose to give up her scholarship in order to work and raise me. And I want to make her proud by getting a college degree. I want to remind her that she did not make the wrong choice by choosing me over her education. I was born six months after my mother graduated from high school. And the best gift I can ever give my mom is a degree. I learned to manage a work as well as a college life. As my parents can't afford to put me through college. I am thrilled that I can continue to pursue my degree as my parents were unable. I have learned to love college.


College is a time of my life I will never forget. About three days before school start my parents and I drove down from New York to South Carolina in a Ford 150 single cab. That is family bonding. My family is very close and we are always there for each other so the first month away I was lost. I didn't know how to do anything. I learned on the fly. I learned missing class may be very but, not when you do it many time over and over again. I found myself close to failing a class. I go to school full-time and I work two part-time jobs. Add homework, a girlfriend, and social time. It's hard to be a student and living on your own, away from family. So the most valuable experiences I have taken form school is manage your time wisely. Although going out and have fun is fun. Missing class will kick your butt. Also remember, although the 16 hours of "Are we there yet?" and restlessness. Family is still family always ask for help. They will help you.


IIf I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to wait to figure out what I wanted to do before I went to school . I would actually have told myself to join the military and let the military pay for my college education and enjoy traveling and gain experience in the work force as a member of the armed forces. All we have is time, as today's youth seems to be in a rush to live in the future while living in the moment is being passed by. My generation is stuck, stuck in a recession and regardless of how hard they've worked for the past four years and however many promises they were made by their parents that a degree will guarantee them jobs is now lost. The morale of our generation is decreasing, because of the constant suppression of our efforts to become more educated as only a personal accomplishment and not one that will help socioeconomic status.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high scholl senior and give myself advice about college life I would tell myself to always find time to study because in college you have to study and do your homework in order to pass, it not like high school where in some classes you can just breeze right on through. Also I would tell myself to take advantage of the tutors that are available on campus, they are there to help you succeed in college.


Pack early, don't party too much on the first week, don't let your roomates bring you down, and DON'T PROCRASTINATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, you must know that USCB isn't the only University I've attended. My freshman year I attended Auburn University and had a fabulous time. Auburn had all the components. The compelling education, active social scene, and beautiful people. It also had a great athletic program. Unfortunately, with the economic times there came the financial problems. Being out-of-state and an active Auburn student the bills were high. It got to the point where I had to start finding other options. I loved the south, but how could I stay? So, being familiar with the Hilton Head, SC region I researched their near-by Universities. I found USCB and immediately noticed the brand new beautiful buildings and landscaping. It was affordable and thought I would enjoy the change. It was a bit too much of a change for me, but the price was right. I always think about Auburn and wish I could go back, but I know transferring was the best economical desicion. So, looking back when I was a senior in high school what insight would I give myself? You are going to learn as you go, that's life. I still live with no regrets.


I would tell myself to follow my heart, and do what i want not what others want. It is my life and my decision for the future and that i should be open to new things instead of having my heart set on one idea and always flying with it. Take time to decide dont just jump into a college that you dont know anything about.


As a high school student i should have taken more time for my education. I should have spent more time studying and maybe have taken more college courses because that would have saved my mom a lot more money . Also taaking the college courses would have prepared me for the work load in college. i also wish i had made amends with certain people in my life before we all went away to school.


I would probably tell myself that on-campus housing is overrated and expensive, to save a lot of money and pick a school in a college town. Also, I would tell myself that I should pick a different college that can accomodate changing interests.


"I am going to graduate from high school not as the end, but as the start of a new life and a new chapter of my future. Going to a college/university means that I must be more responsible and muture than I was in high school and become an overachiever. I have to understand that failure is not an option, and that working hard and putting a lot of effort into my work will pull off. If I put myself down, then I have to get back up and start all over again and start from the beginning.


When I was a high school senior I was so lost. I had no idea what I wanted to go to school for. So I took a year off and then decided I wanted to go to school for Hospitality Management. Instead of considering a bunch of schools I just made a rash decision to go out of state to a school that offered that degree. The advice i would give myself is to think before you do. Look over every college you are interested in, and make a pro/con list for each school. Consider academics, housing, athletics, student life, cost and location. Don't just jump to a conclusion, take time to make a decision. If I had done this I probably would of gone to a school way closer to home that I would of had more options at. Since now I want to change my major and the only reason I am at the school I am at is because of the major. So now I am doing what i wished I had done a year ago while I try to choose a different school to transfer too.


I would have told myself to study hard, be more active in your school and the community. dont be afraid to ask for help if you really need it. also i would tell my self to put yourself out there and meet new people.


Transitioning from high school to college is very difficult, but something every student must face. As a college graduate, I know firsthand the uncertainty and anxiety involved in finding the perfect school. While not always a realistic goal, it is important to have an idea of what you hope to achieve as an undergraduate. What are you passionate about? Where do your interests lie? These are key questions to contemplate. You should find a school that will allow you to pursue your interests with other like-minded students. Do not always pick what is most convenient or practical, although financial aid options should be considered, but pick a school you know you will enjoy. If you are not having fun, you will not learn anything. When you find that school, maintain an open mind about other students, faculty, and staff and try to be as adaptable to change as possible. If you're still unsure about what you want to study, explore different fields until you figure out what works best for you. College is all about experimentation. You have to work hard and put yourself out into the world to achieve your goals.


Finding the right college is a combination of funds, location, and purpose. Making the most of it is up to the student whether they want all the fun, or all the education they can get. Finding the right college means matching up an affordable college with the right program to the student. For this, the prospective student needs to have a basic idea of what they want to do such as business, medicine, music, or law. If you as a student are not sure about what you want, I recommend attending a local community college to get the general education while you think about it. For financing, parents need to start saving the day the kid is born to help them but the kid needs to learn how to save when he gets his first job. If the purpose of college is to send the kid away, choose the cheapest party school. If it's education, research, talk with graduates and look at the caliber of students. Making the most of the colelge experience... STUDY STUDY STUDY! Be smart and use common sense. Play sports and be involved in SOMETHING whether it's music, sports or drama... just something


Find a branch of a big university, and utilize the cheaper payments untill you need the higher courses in your major. Its cost efficiant, and most credits trnasfer to the main campus.


I would advise students to fully check out the college and see if thats the type of environment they really want to stay in. Before you go off to school make sure you know who and what type of roomate you have, make sure you're in a neat and tidy dorm room. Do not be a follower, Make sure, if you are a freshman, do not take college for granted, because over half of the freshmans flunk out of college their first year, and its' harder to pull your gpa up than it is to bring it down. So i just want to say to any freshmans or parents who have children going off to school, make sure it is a safe and clean and tidy environment, and make sure your children get the proper help that is needed such as tutoring, tuitional assistance or anything that they may need help with. Just be safe and have fun, but don't ruin it.


The advice that I would give to parents about helping their children/students find the right college and making the most of the college experience is: be there for support, but do not force your child to make a choice that makes you feel good (financially, alumni status, prestige, etc). This is your child's biggest decision, not a chance to live your dreams through them. The advice that I would give to students to find the right college and to make the most of the college experience is: take the effort to get to know the place you will be studying for four or more years. Take a personal inventory and be honest with yourself. And most importantly: You are an adult now, college isn't about impressing anyone. Go to college because you have the desire, not because some else wants you to go.


The advice that I would give to parents and students about finding the right college would be to look for a place that they seem comfortable in. If they can't be comfortable with that college community then they most likely won't be happy living there. I would tell them that they should make the most of the college experience because it's those few years in their lives that they learn how to live on their own away from home.