University of South Carolina-Beaufort Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known about inconsistencies with teachers, certain classes not being offered every semester, and the fact that very few sections are offered.


Have not begun the semester yet.


Before enrolling in the University of South Carolina- Beaufort (Bluffton) I wish I would have known more about the had known meal plan options and the cafeteria. This is the first year the University of South Carolina- Beaufort (Bluffton) has offered a plan because they have just built a new cafeteria. On campus residents were only given one meal plan to choose from. I think if I had known more about it I would have realized how unflexible dining services are on this campus.


Before I attended college, I wish I would have known exactly what I wanted to major in before I started. I feel that a lot of young adults today jump right in to college after highschool because it's the next step in life instead of attending the best school for them and choosing the right major. When this happens, we tend to change majors and end up wasting time and money that we have already invested during our first years of college.


That the housing office is rude, the teachers are not as scarry as they seem, and overall college is not how TV potrays it. There are still petty people there and "clicks", your roomate will not allways be your bestfriend! Also I wish someone has told me to read the contracts that you sign in detail before signing your life away!


I wish I had known that there isn't much to do at the school or around the school for activities. There are no sports, and barely any clubs, but they are working on that and are getting new sports each year.


Before I had come to this school I wish I had known the affect it was going to have on me. I thought I was going to be a little nervous. So far I have made great friends and I have learned a lot in class. I also learned a lot about myself and my life. I wish I had known the things and people that weren?t going to be there for me . I wish I had known the struggles that I was going to have, but in the long run the misfortunes made me a stronger person.


The wish I had known about the meal plan before I came to this school because since there's two campuses on Beaufort and Bluffton, the meal plan was added to my tuition, I had to pay extra even though my classes was in Beaufort.


i wish i would have known how to study better and also i would of liked to know what college was like.