University of South Carolina-Beaufort Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Have not begun the semester yet.


The best thing about the University of South Carolina Beaufort is how small the campus is. It will be easy to get to know the professors and peers. I will also have more one on one with my professors which is greatfully appreciated.


The teachers/councelers. All of the teachers because it is a smaller school will personally do everything they can to help you learn. The saying that you are not just a number but a real person means alot! Also the councelers are so willing to put a hold on there day to help you find some research or to just talk to you if your having a bad day! Oh and everyone knows your name!


The class sizes are very small. usually no more than 20 students if even. With the smaller class sizes students get more of a one on one feel with there professors. This makes it easier to understand the course work better and get more help if needed.


Its pretty easy to get into the school, and its challenging to progress.