University of South Carolina-Columbia Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A place where intelligence and friendships build a solid future.


University of South Carolina was a great place to go to school--my education there laid a solid foundation for my career as a teacher and my future graduate studies in English.


USC Columbia is a proud school, with its Gamecock traditions entrenched in the culture of the campus, where Southern hospitality abounds throughout the city of Columbia, SC, and my classmates and peers are always ready with a sunny, "Hey!" when I pass them on the Horshoe, the beautiful and historic center of campus.


A large friendly environment where student's can learn a great deal


Greek life and football trump academics at the University of South Carolina.


A fun yet academically-focused environment.


The University of South Carolina is a beautiful and diverse university that offers a wide variety of opportunities for all kinds of people with all kinds of carreer interests.


The people there are smart, imaginative, quirky, generous, and polite, and I couldn't really ask for a more attractive campus to be on, with the mix of nature and city-style that it combined.


The University of South Carolina is a large, welcoming, school-spirited campus.


The University of South Carolina is a community for students of many different origins with different majors to come and experience the chance of a life to make their futures bright.


I absolutely love my school because of the great staff and students; as well as, the unity of our entire school.


Influential, with a diversified enviornment that promotes and enhaces multicultural competencies to develop sound and well trained professionals from all demographics and cultural backgrounds.


USC is very diverse, fun, and has an academically enriching environment that will appeal to everyone.


The Univeristy of South Carolina is a large, diverse campus, that offers many clubs and organizations.


USC is really big and pretty. The campus is in the heart of Columbia.


Our school has brick pathways that add to the niceness of the campus. There is trees all around campus and it is very scenic.


Our campus is beautiful! There are lots of huge, old trees around campus. The historic Horseshoe is a huge green space with gorgeous oak trees. Students frequently study, relax, or throw a frisbee in all seasons, because USC weather is so mild! The buildings on campus have all different styles of architecture, and lots of them are really nice-looking. Our campus is not too spread out, you can generally get from one end of the campus to the other in about 20 minutes walking. There are also shuttle systems that run to different parts of campus if you are running late for a class or don't feel like walking.


The university of South Carolina provides students with an outstanding education along with a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful campus.


The University of South Carolina is very welcoming and truly feels like a home away from home.


The school that I attended at the University of South Carolina at Columbia was an excellent experience. The university provideds well planned classes that are staffed with knowlegable professors and graduate assistants. The University of South Carolina is a large university with a student popluation near 30,000, but I never felt like just a number or received less than adequate one-on- one instruction. The biggest attribute of the University of South Carolina is the vast array of majors and classes that are available.


The University of South Carolna is a wonderful institution that combines a strong academic focus with an invironment that is conducive to personal exploration and fun.


The University of South Carolina is a very easy school to become adapted to with its' friendly environment of students, faculty, and other staff, as well as very open to accepting all varieties of people and making them feel respected, safe, and welcome.


The University of South Carolina is a place where students from many different states and countries come to get the best possible education provided for their major and still have the total college experience while doing it.


It is the perfect size with the perfect weather. Depending on your major you may encounter great or middle of the road teachers. The honors college is the best!!


USC is a very social and active campus; students are always busy and working hard on acedemics, sports, and community activities.


USC is a great place for people who are passionate about learning and like to have fun while doing it.


It is a good place to study with good teachers and a beautiful campus.


The University of South Carolina challenges normalcy, facilitates diversity, and most importantly, provides a sense of family for those students seeking academic excellence both within and outside of the classroom.


The campus is absolutely beautiful.


All the advantages of a big campus, without the fallbacks.


U. of South Carolina is a fun instituiton full of school pride and students engaged in academia.


A large public school that cares more about moving kids through the system than it does about giving them an education.


USC is where you come to have the most well rounded college experience with awesome people, a great social scene, engaging professors, opportunities to get involved with all kinds of things, and a contageous team spirit!


The University of South Carolina is a marvelous place where you can be yourself, find your calling in life, make amazing friends, obtain wild Gamecock spirit, and experience the most exhilarating four years of your entire life.


A true city school


A place where you can make or break your future with endless opportunities, diverse individuals, and somewhere you get to create yourself.


The University of South Carolina is very innovative and research focused, allowing students to grow and expand all levels of learning.


The personality types and career paths for us are very diverse and it is a well balanced university with a lot to offer.


Large campus with a small campus atmosphere


This school is fun, life changing and beautiful.


It is a place that tries to provide an education for as many South Carolinians as possible while bringing in out of state students to add diversity.


My school is a loving and caring school that is open to everyone.


The University of South Carolina is a spirited, academic enriched and interactive institution that allows students to come together in a variety of activities, while also allowing them to grow independently.


The University of South Carolina is very large in populations, as well as a spread out campus.


My school is whatever you want it to be--academically challenging, social, success driven, close-knit, and if it isn't there, you can start it yourself.


USC is a very education oriented school that strives to better the quality of education and offer a wide spectrum of majors in order to attact a diverse student body.


Usc is a diversified school with emphasis on academics, sports, and extra curricular activities.


great school!


University of South Carolina is a great instititution that is friendly, resourceful, nice and well-respected in the South. I


USC is a sports-centered school, which is not something I am completely crazy about, but I have made a lot of great friends here and they have made my experience great (the professors could use some work though, as well as the guidance offices.)