University of South Carolina-Columbia Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Friendly, interesting, smart, outgoing, family oriented and the level of school spirit is just amazing.


The majority of my classmates at the University of South Carolina are hard-working individuals with diverse backgrounds.


My classmates inspire me to be the best I can be and build me up when I am down.


My past classmates have been excellent! Mostly everyone has shown the eagerness and willingness to learn.


Most of my classmates are very prepy people.


Everyone is very nice and outgoing!


A lot of my classmates are determined, but like to have fun and go out on the weekends/weeknights. They are always happy and there is a very large buisness school here.


The students at USC are spirited and driven.


Like at any university, some don't take their classes seriously, but the majority of students are hardworking and proud to be a Gamecock.


I personally haven't heard of any race issues since being on campus. While the campus is mostly white, I have never seen students be rude to other students simply because they weren't the same skin color. Most students wear preppy clothes. Boys tend to wear khaki shorts and vineyard vines, polo, southern comfort, etc. Girls tend to wear nike shorts and big tshirts with hats. A lot of students are from South Carolina/North Carolina but a lot are also from Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, etc. There are a lot of northerners as well as southerners. I haven't really heard people talking about money or political views.


My classmates are very diverse, coming from all over, so it is great to be able to meet all kinds of new people that share the same interest in your field of study.


My classmates are very smart, determined, self-driven individuals who will stop at nothing until they reach their goals!


My classmates are well rounded and easy going.


My classmates all appear to be very intelligent and are willing to do whatever it is that they have to do in order to graduate.


My classmates are great people, we are able to learn so much from one another.


My classemates are interesting people from all of over the country that I can always learn something new from.


Students are very active. Our campus is very diverse racially, cultural and many other ways.


As I said before, USC is a very diverse place. naturally the bulk of USC students are from the United States but you can find almost any walk-of-life interacting with any other with little or no difficulty. There are groups and clubs devoted to different beliefs and other such things ( i.e. religious groups, groups stationed around nationality, etc.).


Campus has religious groups, a lot of different international student organizations, LGBT. Students dresses casually for class. The majority of students are in state students.


South Carolina is big enough that all type of person is found here. You can find jocks, preps, greeks, geeks, etc. Any type of personality, race, religion, sexual preference, etc can be found here, and everyone is accepted and has rights.



USC is a large school with approximately 27,000 students. No one should feel out of place here because there are people from every ethnicity, race, financial background and social standing here. There are some cliques but I haven't really come across any that refuse to include you if you want to join them. There are many social and ethnic clubs and organizations at USC that you can join if interested. Everyone in all my classes are pretty friendly and are willing to help you out if you just ask. The majority of people that I've talked to are from South Carolina, including myself, but there are people from almost all of the fifty states as well. We also have a pretty large international program that brings in people from all around the world including China, Italy and Iceland.


There is a lot of diversity among my classmates with students from all around the United States as well as from many different countries.


Most of my classmates seem like friendly people. Generally, I meet a lot of my friends through classes. There is a wide range of diversity in regards to ethnicity, personality, etc., so it is pretty easy to find someone to fit in with.


My classmates are nice and helpful.


We are all different and unique in our own way. At the end of the day we all come together to support the mighty Gamecocks!


Most students dress very casual around campus and occasionally you see the dressed up ones. Most of the students are from up north and organization involvement is key.


We have a wide range of students from all sorts of different backgrounds. We have groups for minorities, LGBT students, and students that have whatever interests you could possibly imagine. It's hard to be alone at this school because you're bound to find someone who is either similar to you, or doesn't care if you're different. Most people wear sweats, jeans, t-shirts, or hoodies to class. Sometimes there is a visible segregation between different groups of students, but there is also quite a bit of mixing and mingling. It's natural to find comfort in surrounding yourself with people who are similar to you. It's only bad if you exclusively hang out with carbon copies of yourself. Most of the students are from South Carolina. The financial background goes from one extreme to the other. I'd say most students on campus are very open-minded, and if you averaged the political ideologies it would be slightly left leaning. More students are politically aware and active than people in general society. Future career plans and goals are brought up sometimes. We like to ponder what we will make, where we will work, and how much flexibility our jobs will allow us.


Students at my school are from different backgrounds and from around the world. One of my good friends is from overseas and about 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the people I hang out with are from out of state. USC has students with all over and with all kinds of different backgrounds. Also it doesn't matter what clubs your in if your friends with somebody in the LGBT community and your straight no one at USC judges you. Most students at USC are very politically active and stay involved. Most students don't dress up for class, unless there freshmen. Everyone knows your a freshmen if you dress cute for the first day of school and carry a pocketbook, haha. Here at USC we are laid back and we like to go to class in our legginings, sweatpants or basketball shorts.

Erika, friendly, and easy to bond with. We have many different groups on religion, LGBT, and personal interests. Students here are extremely open to the LGBT community and many students have tons of friends from varying ethnic and racial groups. International students are abundant and are welcomed with enthusiasm, as many of our students are interested in studying abroad and learning languages. Sororities and Fraternities are huge and often hold events for the whole campus to join in. Carolina productions holds concerts (like Josh Turner), free movies every week, and events such as After Dark. You can wear a suit or your pjs, shorts in the winter and bikinis in the summer. Students have all different types of majors and styles, but mix with ease. Our campus is lively, with Flash mobs and the Farmers Market taking place on Greene St. At USC, students don't have to worry about whether they're rich, have the right clothing, being segregated against, or being bored.


At any college there is a wide variety of students. You have music majors, greek life, other clubs, athletes, and the smart kids. However, it seems that all of these intertwine on campus here. People join multiple organizations, and socialize with all type of students.


At USC, you will find the frat stars, the sorority girls, the geeks, the nerds, the religious, the partiers, the athletes, basically you name a stereotype or 'social group' and USC has it. Even though there are a variety of students, no one group is exclusive or mean to the others. When working on a group project, I actually hung out with my group members after the project. I was the only one in Greek life, one was in her late 20s, another girl rode horses, another was into theather, yet we all were able to work well together and get along on a social, personal level.


I love that students here wear whatever they want to class. Many students show up in t-shirts or jeans, but you will not look out of place if you want to dress up a little. I personally prefer looking nice to class, but on days when I have had little sleep, I can just as easily throw on a t-shirt and shorts and head to class. At some of the other colleges I visited, all the students dressed up every day. While that looks nice, I feel like that is a ton of pressure to look good every morning! I like that USC has no pressure to look a certain way.


My classmates are caring individuals who are willing to help with studying, homework, and are there for you when you need them.


My classmates in my courses for 2010/2011 are very friendly when it comes to making friends with them, personable when I need to ask questions, helpful in studying together and answering any questions I may have, and intelligent in a competitive manner.


Diverse, no student is the same but they are all brought together through a love of school sports, clubs and the pride that comes with being a USC Gamecock!


My classmates can be easily described as unique and competitive individuals, but as contradicting as it sounds we are all different, yet the same; at the end of the day we are all striving to become the best nurse that we can be in order to help people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, which in turn allows us to make a difference in the lives of those in need.


They're laid-back but very focused, able to have fun but are also studious, and most of them are often procrastinators.


A culturally diverse group of peers who coordinate with maximum efficiency to work hard academically and rock shit partying.


Very supportive to one-another and are higly motivated.


Varies widely from class to class. Sometimes students are apathetic and are just in it for the credits, whereas othertimes students are extremely motivated and interested in the course work beyond the requirements of the class.


The population is diverse in some ways, but it depends on what kind of classes you'll be taking that determine how your classmates are. I have two majors in very specialized fields, so I find my classmates to be dedicated to their classes and passionate about learning the subjects well. I have classmates not only from all over the country, but also from many different countries which has been very rewarding for my learning experience. I love to hear the perspectives of the International students at my school. I even live with one now!


My classmates are an extremely intelligent group of individuals who come from many different backgrounds.


somewhat snobby




Everyone is always polite and kind. They are respectful of others and behave during classes. People are very open and accepting of others, my school even hosts a drag show.


Lots of southerners who join frats and sororities and dress the part, but there are also a lot of people from the north. Very laid back, looking to have fun and watch football.


An amazingly diverse group of people, and yet that never gets in the way of the good times we have together; theres is no end to the plethora of things we learn from each other's thoughts and lives.


My classmates are mostly friendly and helpful.


My classmates are friendly enough, but they tend to stay in cliques.