University of South Carolina-Columbia Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Barely know any just started


The University of South Carolina is best known for having the number one undergraduate International Business program in the nation and number two worldwide. The program has been recognized for its academic, research, and field leadership. Any student who majors in the International Business program will be fully equipped because there are qualified business leaders that will teach the students what they need to know.


University of South Carolina is known for one of the top MBA programs in the country, and the best football team in the country--GO COCKS!


USC Columbia is best known for its proud Gamecock football games, tailgating, and in-state rivalry with the Tigers of Clemson. Before the annual game against Clemson, we participate in "Tiger Burn," where engineering students design a larger-than-life Tiger and then set it on fire. The rivalry is a friendly but deep-rooted one, and everyone has a great time showing their school spirit all week.


Our business program, science program, and of course, GAMECOCK FOOTBALL!


The school is best known for its athletic programs, mainly football.


Among the many advantages to attending the wonderful University of South Carolina you get to attend a well renowned top knotch athletic school. The University lies hidden in the middle of the shady and tranquil city of Columbia. The campus is breathtaking and gives you chills as you walk through it. The student athletic facility is the best place to keep yourself active and physically fit. It is a gives you a great opportunity to be with your friends and remain active and healthy. It is an honor and a pleasure to attend the athletic events all around campus.


Our football team, we are also have a very strong medical program.


My favorite campus tradition is Bid Day for Sororities. Every year, sororities set up on the Horseshoe to welcome the new initiates. The Pi Chis reveal themselves and are welcomed by the seniors and then each Pi Chi hands their group t-shirts. The girls get to look at their t-shirt then run to the sorority they are now a member of. Each sorority then plans an activity for the day that the whole chapter participates in. Family members, USC students and faculty and other people of the community all come to the Horseshoe to watch "the running of the pigs"


My favorite campus tradition is football tailgating. The students, as well as some families and parents and other fans, go to the fairgrounds next to the stadium and tailgate. There are hundreds of tailgates next to each other, everyone is grilling burgers and drinking beers and having a good time.


My favorite tradition would be the Tiger Burn. Before the football game with USC's rival, the Clemson Tigers, the students burn a structure designed to look like a giant tiger. The energy admitted by the student body is just something to see for yourself.


The University of South Carolina is best known for their International Business program. The program is ranked number one amound all U.S. colleges.


I love the step show put on by the ethnic frats!


My school is well known for it's programs for internaltional business and marine science majors. It's also known at encouraging students to study abroad and finding ways to make such trips affordable.


The University of South Carolina is well know for its Moore School of Business which is the number two business school in the country. USC is also know for the competetive sports and for winning the College World Series in 2010.


School spirit, because we love football!


The University of South Carolina is best known for it's outstanding International Business School, highly knowledgable staff and it's beautiful campus, along with fiercely loyal students and alumni.


The University of South Carolina is best known for the Darla Moore School of Business, which is ranked #1in the United States for the undergraduate international business education. It is also known for the diversity of its campus, as well as the many extracurricular activities available to the students


The Gamecoks, and also as a good southern school.


International Business program


My school is the number one in the International Business undergraduate program, It has a brand new honors college that has a beautiful view of the city and a quiet room or get together room about every 3 student rooms. It also has classrooms in the honors dorm, and a cafeteria in the dorm, making it feel small in the big campus atmosphere. There is a great study abroad program. The community is so friendly and supportive of the students, it makes you feel warm inside. It has a safe feel. The fitness facility keeps students in good health.


The Moore School of Business


The University of South Carolina is best known as a leading Business school in the United States and has several top notch ranked degree programs.


In South Carolina our school is best known for our football team the fighting gamecocks and probably our international bussiness program. These two things are really huge here because people that are from South Carolina are all about their south-eastern conference football. Other than that the other academics are also well known and very respected such as marine science, engineering, and our law school.


My school is best known for the outstanding academic performance that is demonstrated by each and every student who attends.


i think those that graduate have agood education and obtain better jobs. The football program is good too with loyal supporters as do most schools. Then we are also known as the Big Rivals with Clemson! I am in my 2nd semester so I am sure ther is lots more to learn.


My school is best known for its outrageous mascot, the gamecock. We are very proud of "cocky".


The University of South Carolina is best known for having one of the top business schools in the country. People from places all over the country and the world attend here to earn a degree from one of the most highly rated institutes in the Unites States. Here you learn through incredibly intelligent and highly educated professors who make it easy as well as fun to learn. There are also various organizations available to get involved to prepare each student with tools that guarantee success in the career world.


Gamecock Football!! We have a very dedicated fan community and even thought I wasn't huge into football before coming to school, I genuinely enjoy the southern football culture here. Academically, we are very proud to be the #1 International Business school in the nation, which greatly contributes to our diversity. Surprisingly, our school also has an emerging and quite prestigious Dance program with renowned faculty, a brand new facility, and impressive choreography rights. We are located in the capitol of the state, with the State House within walking distance as well.


being a big, upbeat university. everyone overall gets along and gets involved with the univeristy. t


My school is known for having a very strong football tradition even though we are not able to consistently compete well in our conference. It is known for its large alumni base that provides consistent support.


Studnet life outside of acadimics.


Gamecock Football! Be prepared to make and all day affair of the games! Getting dressed up, tailgating, game and after parties! We have alot of fun at USC, but there is also work to be done. Don't come to school expecting to have a good time and do nothing, there is plenty of school work to keep you busy!


My school is best known for our football team, The Carolina Gamecocks!!


My school is known for a lot of things, one of the best business programs in the south east, SEC football games, partying to name a few. It's also been mentioned in a movie which brought about some bad PR. But mostly I think USC is known for its school spirit. If you go to USC you'll always love it and it will be your school forever. Garnet and black become colors that always go together.


Gamecock Football. On Saturdays during football season, the whole student body and the whole town of Columbia can be found tailgating around Williams Brice Stadium. Everyone is friendly and a lot of people dress pretty nice for the games. It's impossible not to have school spirit on game day.


USC Columbia is best known for football. The Gamecocks are a great team and teh college population supports them. There is a lot of school spirit at USC.


University of South Carolina is generally known for being a southern school.


USC is known for its school of music, business programs, and football program. Each of these are some of the best available in the area.


Our International School of Business, Medical school, Engineering, sports


Football and the Darla Moore School of Business.


Football, international buisness majors, exercise science majors, greek life


Football, most probably. Although it's a lot more than that - there's sweet tea, grits, and that great Southern weather to think about, too.


USC is best known for Gamecock football and the Carolina Cup.


Football Strong business, math, and pre-law


We have the #1 International Business school in the United States. It is a very hard program to get into. We are also ranked 7th in the United States for our Hospitality program. We also have several other high ranking programs.


We are best known for being the flagship school of the state. We are known for our 81,000 person football stadium and our gamecock football team. We are known for where Hootie and the Blowfish met. We are known for the Union troops using our facilities to have a make-shift hospital. We are known for our protests in the 1960's and Jane Fonda leading the charge. We are known for the Papal visit in 1982 and various presidents visiting. We are known for our beautiful horseshoe.


The University of South Carolina is best known for being a University steeped in tradition, football, social life, and an excellent international business program that ranks #1 undergraduate and #1 International MBA.


Gamecock football