University of South Carolina-Columbia Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


Sports play a major roll in student life, and there are sports for almost anyone.


Wow. You will not want to be anywhere else when football season rolls around. The campus is electric on saturday's for home games and you will have a blast sitting at the student section. Tailgating is a must and once the team is entering the stadium to the sound of 2001, you will get goose bumps. Not to mention that whenever sandstorm hits the speakers, you will get the best work out of the week. There is nothing like Carolina football. Basketball has had a down year, but you will also feel like a part of the Carolina community at basketball games. Baseball can also get intense. With back-to-back championships theres no better place to be on weekends of your spring semester than in Carolina stadium. It truly is great to be a Gamecock!


When it's game day in Columbia you will know. Everyone in Columbia will be in the Williams Brice Stadium cheering on the Gamecocks or somewhere watching them on t.v. (unless they have to work) There is a lot of school spirit from students coloring their hair garnet and black, Carolina tattoos on their face, or flying flags on cars.


Sports is a BIG DEAL at USC! Just about everyone here loves sports! We go to all sports events for socialization and to cheer on our team!


As far as attending sporting events, football is a huge deal here. Saturdays in the fall are pretty much taken up going to games and celebrating USC with friends. Baseball is pretty big too, especially since we have one the National Championship the last two years. It's awesome how everyone here has such great school spirit! As far as intermurals and such, USC has a great intermural program run by the recreation department. It is super easy to get a team of people together and participate. You don't have to be "good" at the sport you're playing either- most people just participate because it's so fun! There are also club teams for some sports, most of which you have to try out for, so that is a good option for someone who has been really involved in athletics in high school.


If you are not attending a home football game, you are missing out! This is a special experience that will last a lifetime. Students get up as early as 7 am to begin tailgating. Alumni have season tickets and reserved tailgating spots, bleeding garnet and black til they die. The same Carolina pride is seen at basketball, soccer and baseball games. Don't have a college team of yoru sport? Try intramurals or club! No matter what sport, you will find a chance to participate or attend at Carolina. USC = sports!