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What are the academics like at your school?


My favorite class is the Physica Education program. Class partipation is common because every student that are enrolled loves this program and wants a degree in this major.Students in this class is very competitive. They are eager to challlenge and make good grades. My Major is Physical Education. This major/department teaches us about physcal education. When I graduate in this major it will help me to teach my students about physical education.


It is hard to keep up but you learn so much, and develop time management skills which are necessary to succeed.


The professors all know my name, even in my lecture classes. If you introduce yourself to them, they will make an effort to remember you. My favorite class is my calculus class because my professor does a great job making sure everyone understands the material! I personally only study for about an hour each day unless I have an assignment or test the next day. Participation varies, especially in big lecture classes. However, in smaller classes, everyone seems really engaged. Students are competitive because they are competing for internship spots. The education at this school is geared towards learning but they also place a huge emphasis on getting a job. There is a career center that can help you get internships and even jobs.


Professors make it personal. They are there for you because they want to see you succeed. It blew my mind when my HR professor, despite having two classes of over 200 students, still managed to know everyone by name.


As in any school the teachers are divers. I encountered teachers that will go the extra mile to help you understand the subject and I have also met teachers that couldn't care less. Thankfully those that couldn't care less are few and far between. One thing common among all teachers, though, is they all know there subject and are easily recognized as someone who knows their field.


Academics are one of the reasons I chose to a attend the University of South Carolina. No matter what you want to study, this University will most likely have it. They offer a plethora of majors from Business to Sport Management and from Journalism to Biochemical Engineering. All the professors that I've had to date have been wonderful. I feel like I have improved in every aspect and especially English, which is vital for my major. The professors will do whatever they can to help you achieve your desired grade by being available outside of class and providing you with SI sessions, which are led by a student leader that made a high grade in that class the prior semester. Students spent a good amount of time studying and, especially, during midterms and finals which makes it extremely difficult to find a place to study in the library. There are a good number of lecture classes which require less class participation than smaller classes. Even then, professors will try to answer any questions you may have to help you better understand the subject. As far as my major/department, I'm a public relations major and couldn't see my self changing it. I absolutely love all the faculty at the journalism school and wish I could've taken them for non-journalism classes as well. The academic requirements are not too challenging, but do require that you perform well before you get here. As far as what the education is geared toward, it does a fantastic job preparing you for the real world of applying for a job right out of college.


I am an exercise science major with a concentration in motor development. Many of my classes have been lecture classes, so they average about 150-300 people. For these classes the teachers usually do not know the students name, I would be very impressed if they did. In one of my exercise science classes the teacher does call names off the role for students to answer questions. My english and math classes have been on the smaller scale. These are the classes that the teachers call role and usually know your name. These classes tend to be more fun, because there is more participation. I also work alot in groups in my english class. Studying is required for most classes if you want to do good, but it is not nearly as bad as students make it out to be. If you just take the time to study without any distractions then the material is usally easy to learn. I think a good many students are competitive with their grades among their friends. I know my friends and I always try to out do each other for the best grades.


Professors here are capable and responsible,communication is easy. I'd say the students here aren't that competitive My favorite class is Calculus, the professor is easygoing, his method of teaching really makes it effective to learn math. The school has a very good career center that helps students to get started with there first job or simply on campus employments.


Academics at SC are great! There are small classes if that is what your prefer, and there are larger classes if you want to blend in with the class. Some professors learn every students name, others only learn your name if you talk to them outside of class. Like all schools, the amount of time spent studying depends on the student. I am pre-med, so I study A LOT, but it depends on you! You can really take any class you want, you can even create a class if it isn't offered. College is geared towards you, so what you want out of it and what you put in are what you get.


Academics at SC are great! There are small classes if that is what your prefer, and there are larger classes if you want to blend in with the class. Some professors learn every students name, others only learn your name if you talk to them outside of class. Like all schools, the amount of time spent studying depends on the student. I am pre-med, so I study A LOT, but it depends on you! You can really take any class you want, you can even create a class if it isn't offered. College is geared towards you, so what you want out of it and what you put in are what you get.


Some of my professor do know my name since I have taken the time to visit them during office hours. With class sizes of 90 or 120 students, if you want the professor to know your name you must visit them and introduce yourself during office hours. In my smaller classes my professors know every students name. Sometimes I pass professors while walking on campus and they recognize me and even say hello. My favorite class is Journalism 201 because I am very interested in pursuing my minor of Public Relations. My least favorite class is Philosophy because I am not interested in learning about logic and different derivations. Our library on campus always has students studying and working on group projects. I feel students put in a good amount of time, but also have enough time to socialize and enjoy some free time. Smaller classes have lots of participation in class, but most lecture classes do not involved class participation. Students on campus are very intellectual and have very intelligent conversations outside of class. The students on campus are very competitive in their studies and always are trying to improve their grade point average every chance they can. I feel our school has excellent requirements. It is essential that students are prepared to start college classes when coming to the University of South Carolina. Also, the requirements are not too hard, but also not too easy either. The University of South Carolina works to prepare students for the future and their career path rather than teaching students just for the sake of learning. When a student graduates from Carolina, they have the tools and skills needed in the real world.


There is a huge variety of majors at my school and because its a large school some academics are good and some are not as good. We have the top international business school in the country. We also have a top Exercise Science program as well as a couple other highly recognized programs. I think that because of the large number of students that attend school here, it isn't until you higher level classes that you get to communicate with teachers and your not just a number. There are all types of classes here and my most favorite was Shag Dance class. It teaches you the Shag which is the state dance and allows you to see a different type of culture some people were not brought up in. Overall I think that the academics are great!


At USC, I am a biology major and I have had many long nights in the library studying. The workload offered isn't all that tough if you have multitasking and time management skills. You're also presented with many opportunities to succeed in your classes. For any class with a large fail rate, they provide Supplemental Instruction which is where you meet with a student that took the same class that you're in with the same teacher and they help you study and explain what the tests are going to be like as far as formatting goes. They can answer any direct questions you have with the material and help you on all your homework. There are also the ACE tutoring centers that can read over your writing before you have to turn in a paper or help you with math. Teachers have set office hours where you can stop by and receive direct help on anything that you're having trouble with. Also, many classes have teacher's assistants that can answer many of the questions that you have also. Something I don't like is the extra classes we have to take to graduate that don't really have anything to do with our major. For biology I was required to take two semesters of English, two semesters of Spanish, two semesters of computer science and two semesters of history. None of those classes have anything really to do with being a veterinarian (what I plan to go to grad-school for) but we are required to take them so we receive a well-rounded education from the university. I feel like if we didn't have to take those classes, it was save us a ton of money and we would be able to advance into our professions in a lot less time. Overall I am really impressed with the academics at USC.


Most professor do not know my name, but I am in the prestigious Moore School of Business. Students take pride in there studies and are found shifting through books all the time. I'm a finance major and these classes are the hardest of all.


I've made sure to make myself known to every one of my professors. It comes in handy sometimes, and it's always nice to have that bond if you ever have a problem or need a recommendations. If you don't make your presence known, they probably won't remember your name. My favorite class is vector calc. I enjoy the subject more than anything. My least favorite class was Comp Sci 145. The teachers they hire are ridiculously BAD. It's unfortunate, given that it is the hardest class I've taken at USC without taking the bad professors into account. Some classes have high rates of participation, while others do not. You play it by ear as to whether speaking up with an opinion is appropriate or not. I hear intellectual conversations frequently. I also tend to hear stupid conversations. Most students aren't too competitive, but I am for sure. The most unique class I've taken would have to be University 101. We got to do a ton of activities on campus and earn points towards our grades. It was a great way to get to know what USC offers beyond the classroom. I'm in the math department, which has it's great professors and it's not-so-great professors. The building is a bit run-down, but you learn to love it. I will say hello to my professors outside of class if I see them, but I don't make it a point to have meals with them or contact them frequently. I dislike the academic requirements of this school, because it seems like the classes don't really relate to what you do in the real world. It definitely seems like learning for learning's sake. Luckily, you'll find a few professors who attempt to add in real world applications.


Because USC is a bigger school not all of my professors know my name. I personally go see all my professors on the first day of school to get acquainted with them. But the further you get into your major the smaller the classes become. I have found that class participation is mandatory and in the athletic training or psychology major you will have quite a few class participation points in your classes. Within the psychology major students are not very competitive but within the athletic training major, everyone is competitive because we are all looking to get into the program next year. I study most week nights, and most students study during the day. But the thing is everyone's study habits are the habits they choose, so essentially you will choose your own study times and habits.


...relaxed but not slacking. Out of my 2 years here, I have only had one bad professor and often times students will use to understand what their class will be like. Professor are often very willing to help you out, and many have grading scales that work in your favor. There are many different options on how to fulfill your general requirements so you won't have to take a class you hate. Ask upperclassmen on which classes are interesting, which professors are hard, etc; fellow students love to share their experiences. Some classes may be big, but it is still easy to have discussion and professors are easy to reach before,after, and during office hours. Education at this school will help you learn what you need to do well in the future, as well as giving you opportunities to explore different majors. We offer standard classes but also classes such as Astronomy and Sailing. With so many different options, it is easy to get the education you need (even in a big environment) because our professors are easy to access, while still having a huge social life. Many students will offer you tips on how to handle the work load and professors will try to provide extra chances. But it is still college and there is a very real element of taking responsibility for your own preparation and time management.


The academics/classes at USC are very intellectually challenging. It seems that no matter what type of course it is, there are always educational debates and your opinion is always heard. Like I've said before, the school is what you make it. If you put forth the effort to get to know your professors, then they will do the same with you. I am an elementary education major with a minor in political science. Sometimes the advisors are not the best, but within my sorority I have talked with older girls to help me choose my classes. All of my major courses have been more than useful for the profession that I want to go in to.


Starting answeringThe academics definitely vary based on your major. Most students come here for the business school, nursing, journalism, hospitality, or sports management. If you are in nursing be prepared to spend a lot of time in the library, especially when it comes time to take organic chemistry. Nursing students typically don't have a lot of freedom when it comes to picking their schedule and spend a lot of time studying. However, we do have one of the top programs so it's worth it. My favorite class so far has definitely been University 101. It's a seminar class for incoming freshman. My professor was amazing and is even my academic advisor for the business school. She made the class fun and enjoyable while also informing us a lot about campus resources. We did everything from career exploration to scavenger hunts on the historic campus to de-stressing about finals. What's great about this class was that it really gave me a chance to not only get acquainted with the university but with a professor as well. I still continue to talk to her and use her as an important resource. A unique class I took as part of my general education requirement was Anthropology 102, Understanding Other Cultures. This class didn't require attendance but it was one that I couldn't wait for. The best part of the class was the documentaries that the professor chose. The films not only fit the themes we discussed in class, like language, marriage, and identity in other cultures, but they also evoked enticing conversations within the class. Not only did I learn a lot about other cultures but also it really gave me a better global perspective. I am currently an International Business and Economics major with a minor in Italian and Political Science (and I will still graduate in four years). The International Business program is very hard to get into but has been top ranked for many years. As part of the program you are required go abroad, co-major in another business field, and minor in a language. While a business core of 40 credit hours may seem like a lot it really is beneficial because it gives you a well rounded background in all aspects of business from communications to economics to management. The classes truly prepare you for the real world once you graduate. Most of them carry a heavy emphasis on professionalism in the future. Overall, the academics are challenging but make you well prepared for the future


Academics at USC prepare you extremely well for the field of interest you are studying. i do admit, some of the general education classes have 200-300 students where the teacher may not know your name. IF this is the case, there will most likely be a teacher aid who will answer any question you have. These teachers are still very willing to help and have accessible office hours throughout the week. Other students in the class are always willing to help. IN the smaller classes, the teachers LOVE the subject they teach and want to see nothing but their students to succeed. Teachers and students are very academic focused and ready to to do their best.


Many freshman classes can have over 200 students, which can be intimidating at first glance. However, if you take the effort to sit near the front and participate, the professors will learn your name by the end of the semester. Most professors are easily accessible for office hours or just chatting after class. They genuinely want you to succeed! I am a member of USC's Honors College, which has unique opportunities for unusual courses, like learning about RNA and Disease Treatment, or the History of Hip Hop. Honors courses are also smaller in size, which helps you even more in getting to know your professors. The best honors course I have taken so far is a course on Irish literature. The professor was extremely passionate about the subject, which definitely makes the course material more interesting. I love the vast selection of majors available to students here. One of my majors is European Studies, in which students can choose a specific focus relating to Europe. I have chosen to focus on European history, and I love that my major is so flexible in allowing me to pursue my passion. I personally prefer this major over a general History major because I can focus on European history, which is my real interest. There are many unique programs and majors like that across campus, making it feasible for students to learn what they want to learn.


Classes at the university for the first two years of college are normally large in size, but their is always time set aside for every student to visit their professor if they are having problems learning the material in the classroom. Most professors have a graduate assistant who works with the professor to assist students in the class with learning. USC offers a variety of programs to help students achieve academic success. The university offers free tutoring, learning centers, and comfortable study environments. Academics is very important to USC, and the university sets aside days when they offer free massages, food, and prizes to help prepare students for exams. College academics is nothing compared to high school academics, but there is no need to fear, because professors will help build bridges and fill in gaps to help every student succeed. The best advice that I received my first year at USC from my professor was, "If you are struggling in a class get help. I'm here for you and USC offers numerous resources for every student to be successful, so their is no reason for any student to fail my course."


classes are not bad. i defintiely didnt crack a book last semester in my bio class and still aced the MC section of the final. (didnt do so good ont eh essay but it averaged out) people dont really talk about classes except to cpmplain abot them.


My professors know my name cause I want them to know my name. Students are pretty consistent with study. I have not taken it but there is a class specifically examining superbowl commercials. Public Relations. J-School was good but need to revamp to compete. Very good broadcast track. Might catch a professor drinking in a bar.


The professors in the Chemical Engineering department are great. They are very helpful and do whatever they can to make sure you understand the material. You can drop in their office anytime and get the help you need. Not only do they care about how you do in the class, most of them will take the time just to talk to you. Dr. Gatzke is my favorite professor, he invites his classes to his house and brings in brownies/cookies for us. Other great standouts are Dr. Van Brunt, Dr. Williams and Dr. Stanford.


the university is making a big effort to attract the best students with scholarships, and undergraduate opportunities not found at other colleges if you make an effort to get to know professors in big lecture classes they will get to know you, and they will be impressed by the effort. in small classes, they can't help but know you favorite class: religion and existentialism least favorite class: organic chemistry II some people study a lot, some people don't class participation is high for such a large school there are intellectuals, and they have the intellectual conversations. because it's such a big school there are all types of people. and you can always find somewhere to fit in. and an advantage of that, over smaller preppy schools, is that it gives students a greater chance to grow by meeting all kinds of people and learning to get along with them whether they like them or not students are extremely competitive in the pre-med and pre-pharmacy tracts education at SC is geared toward developing a whole person who is the best prepared for a career or graduate school that they could possibly be, and they make sure you have a lot of fun along the way