University of South Carolina-Columbia Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When dicussing my school with friends, I brag about the incredible school spirit and drive both inside and outside the classroom.


I talk about all of the opportunities I have received at the University of South Carolina -- studying abroad, working in the costume studio, and excelling in my courses.


The department for my major cares about it's students deeply.


The school pride is big at Carolina. From athletics to academics, the University of South Carolina is a great place to be.


The campus actually feels like a university. Every day, you can feel the hustle and bustle of the students walking en masse, through the campus grounds and shuffling to their classes. The classrooms themselves host a diversified student body. You can tell which people are here to learn, and which people are here to waste their time. I love simply because I can be myself, and I don't get judged for having curiosity and craving knowledge. I can engage in free discussion with my professors, and they are actually interested in what I have to say.


I would brag the most about the endless opportunities offered on campus for advisement, career developement and academic assistance. The well being and success of students at USC are a priority for the staff and faculty.


The University of South Carolina has a fantastic sports program, and an outstanding array of facilities within which to harbor Gamecock athletic events. Each student's Carolina Card enables him/her free access to all collegiate-level sporting events on campus. As a result of the large student body at the University of South Carolina, there is immense diversity in the types of sports offered at all levels. I personally enjoy the football games most; an almost tangible buzz fills Williams Brice Stadium immediately preceeding kickoff and builds amongst the crowd until the final play of the game.


There is a great selection of classes. No matter what your major is, there is always a great range of courses that allows you to specialize. It also makes choosing elective classes alot more interesting.


That it is fun, everything you want to do or see is close to campus, and we have the best mascot: GO GAMECOCKS!


Its in the middle of downtown Columbia which is easy access to everything. The city life is amazing.


It's a gorgeous campus. People care about their academics. There's also a lot of school spirit.


I usually brag about how a better person that I am becoming just from going to school and the programs that my school offer to students to become more marketable and valuable in the working industry.l


It has a good environment surrounding it.


When speaking to my friends about this university, I often speak of the campus spirit. The athletic events are amazing. The student body is truly unique and dedicated to this university. There is a sense of community and excitement that comes with being a Gamecock. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Therefore, it is usually the thing that strikes me as great about this school.


The size and how much school spirit the students and faculty hve.


Our work out facility. How fun our classes are and how much team spirit we have


I explain how the whole city is a fan of our football and basketball teams and how we have support from the whole community.


My friends and I always like to talk about athletics. I like to brag that the atmosphere at my university sporting events is outstanding. The whole stadium is shaking throughout the entire football games, whether we are good or not. This year our basketball team also became very competitive. Our university created a new student section this season called the "Garnett Army," and we all wear matching garnett, gray, and black army style shirts. The sporting events really bring together school pride.


The people that I meet on Campus and about what I do in my major.


I talk about the opportunities to get involved that are available on campus, how much I love the residence halls, how much fun the people are, how much school spirit there is, how beautiful the campus is, and how engaging the classes are.


The social life and the convenience


How fun it is.


The school spirit, and the academic programs that are offered to intellectual students.


The warm weather and the social atmosphere.


I brag most about the campus and the beautiful Greek Village, where I live. Also, the football season and tailgating for the SEC conference is really fun. I have good professors and I am learning a lot in my classes.


Our motorsports club that I am an original memeber and helped get it going.


I like to talk about the diversity of events on and off campus. There are always great concerts for any type of music lover as well as terrific restraurants and stores in the downtown areas of Columbia. There are a lot of events that come through because USC is a larger school with a city population than can support great entertainment such as Jim Gaffigan. Our school also makes sure that there are free events going on during the week for the students such as our movie theater. USC is all about great, fun experiences while enriching your academic career.


That it is a fun place to live and learn.


There's tons to do, central location in the state, cost, we're culturally diverse and sometimes our sports.


Everything! There's so much here in every aspect. Academics, extra-curricular activities, and more. When I brag, I just bring people here. I know looks aren't everything, but one look at this school and you fall in love. Our gym is phenomenal, our stadium is amazing, and the feel of campus is awesome. Most of all, the free events/activities have to be the best. Our organization, Carolina Productions, conducts wonderful fun, free activities. The best are the free weekend movies in our school theatre.


The science program and the undergraduate research program - both of which are very good, and staffed by very dedicated people. USC has actually introduced a new course for freshman students with the purpose of introducing them to independent study/research during their freshman year (and not only science research, either - this includes liberal arts/humanities research, as well).


Our international business program is number 1 in the nation, and I am in a professional business fraternity which is amazing, called Alpha Kappa Psi.


I always tell my friends how much fun it is. I tell them how nice the weather is here. I also tell them all about our football games and other social activities here.


The atmosphere.


The weather


How much fun I'm having and all the gorgeous girls that I'm meeting. As well as the good food we have.