University of South Carolina-Columbia Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Everyone. The school has a really great program for first-year students that really gets them involved in the college campus and helps them to adjust to college life. And in later years it is really career focused and there are a lot of internships offered and made available. They really want you to succeed after you graduate.


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If someone wishes to have success, while doing what he or she loves to do, they should attend the University of South Carolina. Whether or not someone has a particular passion, they will find somthing they love , so one could come here with or without a idea of ones future. Anyone who wishes to wake up and be excited to go to class. Anyone who would like to speak of their school with pride, or have his or her heart flutter when the fight song blasts over the beautiful campus squares while walking to your morning class.


South Carolina is a public state school, and anyone who wants to come here should always keep that in mind. Athletics and Greek life are huge parts of campus life, and if you can get in involved in one you should make every effort to be active in the other. There are pockets of quality academics here and some above-average programs, but students who want to be with the best of the best should look elsewhere. As long as you are fairly laid-back and looking forward to college rather than additional education, you can have a great time.


Wow thats a tough one, well i think anyone can attend usc columbia its a fun place and people are very friendly.


Any kind of person can attend USC. Our university accepts diversity with open arms.


I honestly feel like anyone could attend this school. Its not the most diverse school in the nation by far but I have never seen a student look like he or she was being left out. there are clubs/sports/greek life/ everything for anyone and i believe anyone could find their nitch here at school.