University of South Carolina-Columbia Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any person whose single goal is to party and not learn should not come to the University of South Carolina.


People that should attend this school are serious students that plan to make the best of what they have to offer. The University gives you every opportunity to grow and learn in the best place possible with the most quality people in the world. You get the most out of the things you put the most into and this university is a great place to put your all into it.


A person who is reculsive and tacitly engages with people. To attend USC-Columbia one must be able to be outgoing to meet the diversity on the campus.


Someone who is very liberal in their beliefs, or someone who doesn't like sports or people!


If you are have no self-motivation and don't like a big school, then USC is not for you!


Someone who don't like to put in a lot of hard work shouldn't attend this school.


Actually, I can't answer that question. The school has a very broad range of curriculums. Artists, engineers, and businessmen alike can all find their niche here. All I can say is: If you aren't serious about learning, and working for your degree, then don't bother attending. This university is for those who have the work ethic and WANT to succeed.


A person who isn't really serious about going to school shouldn't come to USC many people here are focused on succeeding in their future careers.


Someone who perfers small schools and who has little to no interest in sports should not attend this University.


The kind of person that should not attend the University of South Carolina is a person who is not willing to work their hardest, a person that does not have their priorties stright, and a person who is not willing to learn.


I feel that anyone should be given the opportunity to attend this school. Those who hate being around lots of people and who hate huge classes shouldnt attend. Those who dont want to learn and hate others shouldnt attend.


The types of students who should'nt attend are undermodivated students; students who do not want to work hard and be challenged while working on their education, and students who are'nt willing to be social with their new peers. This campus has many different communities or clubs that can make any type of person feel comfortable and at home: Greek life for the more sociable students, HOSA for students who wish to volunteer in the medical field, and student goverments for people who are interested in leadership rolls.


A person who prefers a small, isolated campus shouldn't attend USC.


I have no idea, I guess a person who doesn't really want to attend school.


I've known many people that have attended USC. I have known a couple who dropped out; the common tie seems to be that those students were not motivated enough to compete in a collegiate atmosphere. The degree programs are manageable, but can be intense, and some students just give up. Rather than attempt to change their ways in order to adjust to the environment, students unsuited for this school will simply wallow in self pity and refuse to make an attempt at growing up.


The type of person that should not come to USC is a person who does not want to be on a big campus. If meeting new people all the time, and seeing unfamiliar faces everyday is intimidating, then that person may want to consider a smaller college. Personally, I love the constant newness of USC and I think the variety of people is inspiring.


I wouldn't discourage anyone from attending school. I think education is a wonderful thing for all types of people. Attending school requires a great deal of organization and self-discipline which I believe are traits that can be learned if they are not already possessed. Of course, there is a degree of motivation and interest that must be present in order for a student to be successful. Due to the cost and effort school requires, I would discourage someone from attending if they do not have an interest in doing well.


I honestly feel that there is a place at South Carolina for everyone, the school has so much to offer! If someone doesn't want to go to school in the city, Columbia has all of the benefits of a big city without the city feel. Football/athletics are HUGE so if you aren't nto sports you will probably miss out on a big part of Carolina. If you don't want to learn, don't come. The classes are interesting and challenging (especially in the Honors College) but you will also learn so much outside of the classroom.


This campus has such a diverse group of people ranging from race, and gender. Its almost impossible not to find a way for anyone to fit in. But someone who shouldn't be apart of this campus is someone who isn't willing to put a lot of time and effort into their academic studies. USC is a great school and it takes lots of hard work and dedication.


I would say that there aren't people that should attend this school. We are diverse, a big university and we have great programs for everyone.


A student who is not committed to success or meeting his or her educational goals will not fit well in the University of South Carolina's community of scholars. Also, a die-hard Clemson University fan probably will not be happy among thousands of fighting Gamecock rivals.


If it takes you to long to open up to people, then this university isn't for you. The campus is big and the classes can sometimes have over fifty people in them in the Business school. If you prefer one on one instructing then learning here will be difficult, but all professors schedule office hours and are willing to help you then.


A person who would prefer a school with a small amount of students would not enjoy attending this university. The University of South Carolina has thousands of students. This university also has an open campus. This means that people who are not students have access to campus buildings. A person who is extremely cautious may not feel comfortable being here on campus.


A person should not attend this school if they do not have the iniative to get ahead, while enjoying their time here.


Those who are not disiplined, they will fall to the social life real easy and quickly.


Someone that doesn't have any desire to work for their degree.


I really don't know.. someone who either wants a really small town college or a large city. USC is in between.


someone who is very shy and does not like to attend social gatherings to do extra cirricular activities


If you do not enjoy participating in sports activities and social clubs then USC is not for you. We are very proud of our athletics. It gives us something to do to get away from the classroom for a while.


The kind of person who is not focused on learning.


Those that are narrow-minded and not used to being in a big city should not attend this university. Also, those who have an aversion to football should not consider this institution either.


I would not attend USC if I was a student looking soley at a school for it's educational benefits (USC is way too greek-life oriented).


Someone who is into outdoor activities such as hunting, and fishing, or a person who dislikes greek life


Someone who is interested in a small, close-knit community would be very uncomfortable here. There are many friends to made and activities to participate in, but you will have to make a personal effort to fit in and not to feel "lost."


Someone who isn't interested in greek life!


A quiet person who gets embarassed and is afraid to voice their opinion. They will just blend in and most likely be really unhappy here.


It'a such a large school that I really think there is a niche for everyone. But I guess if I had to pick, I would say probably a very liberal, very artistic out-of state student. It would be harder for them to find a good group of friends I think, and there are probably many other schools that have better art programs for less money and more people that they would get along with.


A person who should not attend this school is someone who is not willing to work hard and succeed in their learning.


Someone who wants a degree in business, loves football and fraternities/sororities.




delicate personalities.


The type of person who isn't willing to work for what they want and someone who doesn't want to interact with others


Someone who does not like living in a bigger city.


Anyone is welcome at USC. Theres something for everyone to do.


mean, unhelpful, stupid


Vey diverse Any kind of student can attend as long as they like a large school


Based on my experience in a somewhat small department, someone who should not attend the University of South Carolina would only be one type of person, someone who does not want to learn about or have experiences reguarding the world around us. All of my professors encourage we, the students, to study things that interest us in the world, and to apply it to what we are studying, also to learn about them using many resources. If someone is not interested in learning about the natural world, they should not attend USC.


People who do not like large groups in their classes.


A negative minded person, and someone who likes small communities


I feel that everyone at USC was accepted and respected. I feel that everyone who attended will find great people and a wonderful atmosphere to grow and discover who they are. The only people who should not attend USC are those who do not like football, do not like a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and who do not like large schools.