University of South Carolina-Columbia Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the willingness of others to help and serve others. Whether it be your advisor, professor, or even an upperclassman, I have never felt like a burden when asking for advice. Several times, people have gone above and beyond to help me with classwork or finding the right connections, etc. To go to a school where those around you genuinely care about your future is an amazing experience that I would not trade for anything.


The best thing about my school is how easy it is to get involved and connected. You can immeadiately start building relationships and making connections right when you enter the campus. Our campus provides resources such as the tutoring centers, career centers, and numerous clubs. One great example is being a part of gamecock connnection, very easy to get involved with, and it allows you to work with new potential students and old students so you can make all sorts of connections. All these resources will help students become successful straight out of college.


There is definitely a sense of community among the student body at USC that makes going to this school much more enjoyable. The school spirit that many express can be infectious even for those who do not particularly enjoy sports. However, if you do not find a club or group of friends it is easy to get lost in such a big crowd.


The University of South Carolina has an excellent school of business. I am hoping to major in marketing once I get there. The reputation that comes woth the school of business is second to none.


The best thing about this school is the faculty. Faculty are oftentimes more than willing to assist students and genuinely want students to succeed. The fitness center on this campus is good.


The best thing about my school is that we take education very seriously and take pride of being a gamecock. This university has some many educational programs and events for everybody. We have tutors who are willing to work with all the students. We have numerous of clubs who take education seriously.


I like that fact the campus is in the downtown because it is in the center of everything.


The best thing about the University of South Carolina would be the connection that everyone feels with one and another. One person's victory is everyone's victory.




The best thing about my school is that every student can join a club or group that involved their passion or favorite hobby. Whether it is politics, art, sky diving, you name it, everything is availiable. Our university gives students the chance to try different things out and experience great things that they never have before.


I'm currently a new student at the University of South Carolina. So far I have felt very welcomed by others around me. The students there don't care what race or gender you are everyone is seen as an equal, and that is very important to me. The campus is very large and has many programs and classes to chose from. I always feel like I'm getting some exercise just walking around campus. The campus is also kept very clean inside and outside. I would recommend USC for any High School graduates.


The best thing about USC is the quality of education. If a person is willing to learn new things at USC then it's the place to go. I have learned so much new things and have new perspectives because of my teachers.


The brick paths!


The University of South Carolina is the best university to attend in SC. The Alumni here is uncomparable. Everyone who attends the university has a great since of pride. Even those who do not attend the university have such a great love for this school. Overall a great school to attend.


The single biggest attribute to the University of South Carolina at Columbia is the massive quantities of classes that are available. Majors vary from Pre-law and Pre- med to Criminal Justice and a business college that is second to none. New students could feel a little overwhelmed the first day of school, but after adjusting to the large studnet population, a quality eduction can be obtained at USC- Columbia.


I love that it is huge, but it feels cozy and small. You recognize the people you pass on campus.


The best thing about my school would have to be the sense of community that it promotes. There are over 300 student organizations and sports clubs to get everyone involved in something. Also everyone rallies behind the Gamecock mascot which puts students that come from very diverse backgrounds on equal footing, a sense of a shared goal. Being in the South, the people here are very friendly and willing to help if the situation calls for that extra bit of guidance.


The best thing about this school is that so many people attended from places all over. I liked that it was a huge campus. This was good because I love meeting all types of people.


The best thing about USC is the wide variety of students, administrators, and professors. We have a campus full of people from all over the world. Being so large, you meet new people daily. Allowing you to expand your friendships easily. People walk around with smiles on their faces, encouraging each other. Positive energy flows throughout the campus and positive energy is a must in this world we live in today.


You get the feel of a colleg town while also being in a major city. The University of South Caorlina is growing very rapidly.


There is a very strong identity among USC students/faculty/alumni. This could be because of the importance of sports to the University of South Carolina fans, but regardless there is strong "Gamecock Pride" and that sense of school spirit is very inviting. University organizations also go out of their way to organize really great events for students that surpass events I've heard about at other colleges.


The faculty at the school would be my number one choice for what is best. Despite the school's facilities; campus; and broad scope of curriculum; the faculty truly make the University. My professors have been knowledgeable, challenging, approachable, and foremost - excited about teaching. If a student decides to approach a professor after class, and the class size is 300 students, the teacher will dialogue with the student and answer questions or provide additional resources. Every professor I've meet has made themselves available for additional office hours as well.


I think the best thing about our school is its location. It's located in a "city" area of Columbia...if that makes sense. By that I mean, it's not a boring area of Columbia. There's lots to do, and it's all in walking distance, which is great! The University also has some of the most friendliest people you could ever meet, which is another plus. I just love the school altogether and it's kind of like one huge family.


The best thing about this school has to be the available resources it has to help its students succeed. Also the dining facilities on campus are exquisite. Also University of South Carolina is very involved in keeping this planet green and does a great job of making it easier for its students to recycle. Like I said about the resources though, our library is huge and contains more tutoring, computers, and space than is truly necessary which makes it a great place to do research and study.


The best thing about USC is its well roundedness. You meet all sorts of people with interests as far as the greek system to students conducting their own research, and all the types in between. It wants its students to succeed and the university has tons of resources for the students to take advantage of. There is every type of club and major you can think of on campus and the Honors College provides a more rigorous learning environment for those who want it.


The people- there are people here from all over the world! You get a chance to see and understand a different culture


The best thing about the University of South Carolina is the school spirit displayed by everyone. Regardless of classification, gender, and/or enthnic background there are many organizations and free activities that allow everyone to feel like they are a part of the school, rather than an insignificant being lost in the numbers. The opportunites for school spirit also bring about positive interactions between the different races and cultures that make up Carolina, unity within diversity.


Excellent academic environment, friendly students, helpful teachers and excellent facilities


The diversity, student body, and extracurricular activities available.


The networking because it betters your chances of getting a job after graduation.


The size. With such a great number of people, the school expands to meet the needs of everyone resulting in tons of interesting classes, extra-curricular activities, programs & events that are created to suit the preferences of many, as well as career and job experience to suit any and everyone. You meet people from all walks of life and become a very well-rounded person.


The community of people you're around at USC is the best. Everyone is so nice and friendly and you're never hard-pressed to find cool and nice people to hang around with.


The learning environment, it's a beautiful campus and the professors really try to help out their students. They really do care.


social life and the how big the sports are at the school


The best thing about my school is the amount of diversity.


You never feel like your time is wasted, and wherever you go people are having a good time in the outdoors or in the classroom. In every one of my classroom experiences all of the students are completely different from each other, but we all get along and work well together. Everything just feels right and in balance like this is the place you're supposed to be.


The best thing about my school is that the teachers care about your success and future.


The best thing about my school is that it is located in the south but not too southern. I feel comfortable and can make friends easily with the people around me and I believe that is due to the southern atmosphere.


I think the amount of diversity that we have at our school is the best thing because it gives you the opportunity to meet new people and you may even meet a lifetime friend or someone special.


The attention to the students' goals that the faculty gives is the best thing at USC. The career center helps you get internships, on campus jobs, and even post-graduate jobs. The study abroad office helps you go anywhere you want, and shows you resources to finance it. The professors actually teach you things that you will need in the future.


The best thing about USC is the football games. Everyone has a great time tailgating (early) and its a good time to get to know people. EVERYONE goes. The town shuts down streets to make them "one-way" going to and from the stadium. I love that school spirit is seen not only in the students and staff, but in alumni and people from all over South Carolina. Even a losing season has great tailgates. Fall semester is always better with football games!


The school has a lot to offer a plethora of different people and backgrounds. There are a broad range of studies.


I would have to say the variety of people you meet. I have friends from all over the country, and they have opened my eyes to a lot of new things (ex food, sayings, family traditions, study habits!). I come from a small midwestern town, so being at a large school with people from all different backgrounds has really helped me grow and learn.


I consider the best thing about my school is the school spirit. At the University of South Carolina, everyone comes together and is connected in support of our school. I feel like we are a whole instead of individuals when we talk about or cheer for our school.


I love being able to walk to all of my classes. The campus is nice. Walking allows students to save gas and get in a little excercise.


The best thing about USC is the student population. I have never met a group of people so friendly and so willing to get to know you. I have made some of my best friends here and I know they are friends who I will have for a lifetime.


The opportunities that I have when I get my degree.


The social atmosphere and the school spirit. Everyone is proud to be a Gamecock and everyone likes having a good time, all the time.


Besides the gorgeous weather, I really love that the professors challenge us to think deeper than just memorization. I think it's important to have practical knowledge and to be able to incorporate the lessons into our future carreers.


The big school spirit and the fact that you can take a class with 15 people.