University of South Dakota Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


The dorms at USD are a little small and kind of tight, but there's just enough room to share with your roommate. Though the rooms are small, the halls are kept very clean, and the most popular/largest dorms on campus also happen to be the newest. North Complex, which contains four freshman dorm halls, has been around for only 15 years, and contains a dining hall as well as a convenience store. Quite a bit of traffic goes through North Complex, and students generally keep their doors open to mingle with others on their floor/hall. After freshmen year, many students sign up to live in USD's newest dorms, Coyote Village. The complex has only been finished for a couple of years, and has an excellent location next to the Dakota Dome as well as the Wellness Center, and contains a convenience store, small movie theater, and coffee shop within the complex.

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