University of South Dakota Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


University of South Dakota is distinguishable from any other college in the state because it is the only law school and is also a very respectable Medical School. A lot of people tend to call it the University of Sex and Drugs, but I will say right now that it is a very clean campus for anybody that is looking for a creditable college.


Being South Dakota's flagship university, and our outstanding business school.


We are known for our active Greek Life and spirit of volunteerism, as well as our Medical and Law schools.


USD is best known for the quality education given to students and the many opportunities that will arise for a student. If you have the drive and determination to be something great, USD is the right place to be. The faculty will challenge and open many doors for you. It will also prepare you for a successful future. I am sure glad a made the decision to come here.


USD is best known for its Business School, Law School, and Medical School. They are all the only ones in the state, and all are nationally accredited and recognized.


business, law, medical courses...


Vermillion is probably best known for its residents. I have been many places in this country and USD has certainly impressed my friends and I with its easy-going and laid-back consensus. Folks here would rather listen and stay open-minded than be stubborn and defensive over any topic.


In my opinion, the University of South Dakota is best known for the diversity it offers, and next the outstanding academics. We have students from all walks of life. It definitely enhances the experience!


USD has the only Medical school in South Dakota. It has great Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Dental Hygine, and Law School. USD also has the Dome which is known for its Dome Dogs and its the only enclosed Football stadium in South Dakota.


I know about this school mainly for the theatre department for they have a great faculty and program


Pre-med and the business school. We also have a good journalism program and some sweet journalism awards. Tom Brokaw went to school here as well. Football.

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