University of South Dakota Top Questions

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It has the classic college look with a quaint town.


USD is full of school spirit. It is small enough where you know others but big enough that you are your own person. USD offers all of its students to be themselves and to be accepted as who they are.


It offers an associate's degree in nursing and a RN to BSN program in South Dakota. The other schools only offer four year or accelerated nursing degrees.


I attended a small private school in Iowa last year. The school and profressors were great, but it lacked a diverse campus and many times I did not feel like I was out of high school. I am transferred to a bigger state school this year. Being here I have found that even at a bigger campus you still receive individual attention from profressors and the campus is quite diversified which appeals to me and makes it unique. Another unique quality about the University of South Dakota is the support of organizations from other organizations.


The University of South Dakota is unique by the friendlyness of professor, students and empolyees. It had a great atmosphere.


I like the feeling of belonging at USD. Everywhere you go, you're bound to see someone you recognize. You don't have to know everyone by name, but just familiar and friendly faces can make all the difference.


It was the closest to home. Am able to get home without having my own car. Easy access to necessities. Could get around to get the things you need without a car.


The University of South Dakota is like a home away from home. The campus is beautiful and provides a great learning enviroment. The teachers care about you and your well being; most importantly, they are relatable to their students.


Focus on what's important to you and try new things to help yourself. It may surprise you what you are capable of


I believe my school is a pretty tight knit community. I know many of the students I see walking on campus, whether I met them in class, at an event, a party, etc. Everyone is very friendly, and it's not uncommon to get hellos from strangers daily.


It has the old-time, small feel on campus.


It is just the right size so you know plenty of people on campus. It is a rural area but close enough to larger areas so you can shop and find recreational activities. it has a very close knit greek community. it is also very diverse in the majors.... there are no really highly emphasized majors


We have a very beutiful campus, it's located in a small town, and everyone is very friendly.


What is unique about my school is that it has a med school tied to it, yet the undergraduate tuition isn't as expensive as other schools, such as Vanderbilt. It has scored well in medicine and is small compared to other colleges I have visited, but this fits me. I really like their biology program and how they do allow you to specialize in pre med so that means they make sure I have the classes I need to enter into med school. Everyone is from SD so that is a bit hard as an outsider.


This school is a lot more liberal and accepting of differences than the other schools that I considered.


The availibility of the faculty for help is hands down the most unique aspect of my school. The teachers are genuinely excited about helping you outside the classroom. If they have free moments to help, they will bend over backwards to help out! I have learned so much more by going to my teachers for help outside of class.


The size of the campus lets one walk to any class within 15 minutes; yet, the campus has a large student body with many facilities to accommodate. Other school were often too large geographically to let you take any class without worrying about getting there are time; some other schools were too small and it felt as if they did not have as much funding for facilities or professional professors.

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