University of South Dakota Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that its a 20 minute drive from my house. Usually the places I go in town are at maximum a 15 minute drive. Going 20 minutes too and from school is a hassle and a big use of my gas. In the end its all worth it and that's the worst thing I can think of about my school.


The worst thing about USD would be its reputation. USD has been known for parties in surrounding states. I grew up in a town about 15 miles from Vermillion. I chose to go to the University of South Dakota not because of its reputation, but because of the quality of schooling that I could get from nowhere else. The reputation can be annoying at times, but I am proud to say I am a Yote. The faculty, staff, and students are overall very friendly and willing to help whenever you need it.


The health related academic flexibility. I found out I had a very bad allergy to something in the area. I could not afford to go through all the doctors to find out precisely what it was, but I had chronic bronchitis and I was on high dose steroids for almost three years and I do not smoke. I had a very hard time with advisors, professors, and administrators to understand and work with me and my condition. After leaving the college, I was able to get off medication and I am no longer chronically ill.


Worst thing about the school was the lack of diversity and the fact that Greek life pretty much ruled the campus. It is frustrated to want to join an organization only to find it is completely made up of Greek students would are very cliquey.


The worst thing about our school would be the unhealthy food they provide to the students. They hardly have a varities of fruts and vegtables and they service the same food every day. It's very tired some and I was forcused to purchase a meal plan because I live in a dorm.


I am in the honors program, and the advisors are useless. Also, they tell you it is no more work than without honors, and that is an outright lie. Other honors students would agree that this program is very tough. Especially on top of two majors and a job. Also, the financial aid and housing depts can be very frustrating to work with, depending on who you talk to. Some can be very helpful, but you must bother them until they answer you.


The size of the schoool; its too large.


the worst thing about my school is probably the food that they serve at the commons , because they serve the same food every day.


I find the size of the school to create issues when trying to find classess for my unique career goals.


The worst thing about my school is that it is not smoke free. The last school I was at succumbed to the state wide smoking ban so no one was allowed to smoke on or within 25 feet of the campus. Being a state school, USD is not forced to practice the ban.


The worst thing about my school is that it is located in an area that gets very cold in the winter and we have limited on-campus parking.


The convenience of their MBA program. I'm able to have a full time job while being a full time student.


Getting scholarships at my school seems to be one of the hardest things I have done. I am a straight A student, and yet all the scholarships I apply for, I never hear back. Also the food on campus is less than satisfactory; it is also a working progress.


there isn't alot of parking, it was hard to find a parking spot in the dorms last year.


Small town so kids may interact at parties if unable to find something else to do.


the only negative about USD is the size of ther Vermillion community-the population of Vermillion doubles every September when the students return for classes (population roughly 10,000--university students 8,000 under grad 2,000 grad). where as Vermillion has all the basic emenaties: Walmart-Taco Johns-McDonalds-Grocery stores; for any kind of decent shopping you have to go to a surrounding community-which isn't too bad Sioux Falls,SD and Sioux City, IA are both roughly 40 minutes away and Yankton, SD is a 20 minute drive


I have had some problems with girls down the hall harassing my friends and I. The housing department is not really solving the issue and this makes dorm life less enjoyable then it was last year. I believe that I should live in a safe learning environment without being harassed and the issue is yet to be resolved.


The worst thing is that it is not very diverse or liberal. It is a white bread school. Religiously, most have some kind fo a christian affiliation, which is fine, it's just not very diverse, and the people tend to be pretty judgmental at times. For example, abortion and gay marriage/homosexuality in general are big issues here, which they are anywhere, but many of the students are in opposition, which I find odd as college students should generally be more informed/educated on these topics. They should know better and strive for social change. Many fight for nomalcy.


The worst thing about my school is that I feel my academic program is too easy. My time spent in class could easily be cut in half by eliminating the pointless group activities we are assigned to do. I have a 4.0 and seldom did homework. When I transferred to this school I was also given the run-around when I was trying to get all of my credits transferred. Also, because of the small size of the school and the town, drinking alcohol is almost a daily habit among many students.

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