University of South Dakota Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of people that shouldn't attend this school are people not interested in bettering themselves for the future. USD prepares students for obsticles and situations in their future.


If you really enjoy big cities and huge college campuses, you might not enjoy USD that much because while being large for the state, it still has a pretty small-town feel to it.


Some one who shouldn't attend this school would be a person that wants to live in a huge city or very lively town. Vermillion is a small college town that is not incredibly busy all the time.


Ones from a small town. I learned this the hard way and it is a very difficult to adjust to the big campus feel and semi-impersonal way of doing business.


Students who are not open-minded should not attend the University of South Dakota. USD is a very open-minded, exciting, diverse campus.


A person that grew up in a really big town that expects a mall and a huge school size. Maybe one that wants a really big sports stadium.


Someone who is used to city life and enjoys it shouldn't attend this school. There is a lot going on, but it's in a small town so there aren't limitless possibilities. Also, it gets very cold and the walks to class are treacherous, so students from warmer climates might hate it.


The school, being in South Dakota, is not very close to any big cities. It would take at least two hours to drive to drive to a bigger city, and six to get to Minneapolis. It is the "liberal" campus of SD, but is still conservative, overall. So a person that likes to see big-named concerts, go to the theater often, or considers themself extreamly liberal would probably not find many amminities in the area.


Someone who loves being in a big city.


A person that doesn't like to learn.


Undriven, close-minded individuals

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