University of South Dakota Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about our school is how professional the members of the faculty are. In all of my classes I have learned a lot about what it is like out there in the "real world". I find this really important especially how it pertains to my field as becoming an actor.


The best thing here at USD is the class size. I like having smaller classes because then you get to work closer to the teacher and have a closer realtionship with them, so when you have a question about something, you feel comfortable going to them and then they also know your name. Also another nice thing is if the class is a larger lecture hall, then there is a teacher's aid that you can go to for extra help, and they help reteach lessons you have questions on.


The quality to size ration. Professors are incredibly good at what they do and provide amazing opportunities for students who seek them out. This quality of education in a relativly small environment is ideal.


I think that the University of South Dakota's library is one of the best things on campus. I have been there all day and completed all of my homework with the help of the third floors silent policy.


The best thing about my school is how accepting the people are. The people here are all really nice and they don't care about appearances or petti things like the people in high school did. The people here accept you for you and they don't trying to change you or outcast you because you're not their idea of perfect.


On our campus is one of the nation's oldest Music Museums, which contains various instruments from the 15th century to today. They house some very rare pianos and string instruments. In addition to viewing all of the instruments, you are actually able to listen to what each specific instrument you're looking at sounds like by wearing a multimedia player given to you at the museum entrance.


I really like all of the organization that they have. It really got me involved in alot of different sports and organizations I never thought I would have. I got involved in rugby, a sorority and so many other fun events. It made my experience alot more enjoyful.


The media center. It is one of the few buildings here that combine both modern and historical looks on campus. It also has a very nice radio station, even tho I wish the signal was stronger, and the professors there are some of the best I have worked with.


The teachers are highly qualified and fantastic characters.


I enjoy the fact that it is not located within a large city, so unlike at most universities you can see the stars at night.


Its a great value for the education you receive.


I think the best thing about the school was the students. The kids you met there were pretty cool, and it was a big enough campus that you didn't have to get placed into one clique or crowd. You could hang out with everybody.


The best thing about USD is that it is so diverse that any person could enjoy the time they spend there no matter their age, race, or gender.


Small campus

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