University of South Dakota Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I was initially interested in attending the University of South Dakota when I spent a summer in the dorms for an athletics camp. The campus and town was easy to navigate and an overall comfortable place to be. When looking for colleges I considered costs, academics, and location. Although Vermillion is a very small town it is located between two big cities (Sioux City and Sioux Falls). The campus was also my favorite of all the colleges I visited. Campus is contained to a couple of blocks, which makes finding classes extremely easy. The academic merit was in my opinion the best in South Dakota for a liberal arts education. USD provided a variety of majors and minors as well as a long list of student organizations. The cost was also one of the best in South Dakota. Although tuition is continuing to rise, in comparison to other in state colleges USD remains fairly priced. It was a combination of the environment, educational opportunities, and finances that led me to choose the University of South Dakota.


I decided to go to this school because I had heard about it's fantastic reputation from several individuals ranging from those a few years older than me to those my parent's age. I wanted a school that I knew would provide me with the education I needed to get into professional school, and at an affordable tuition cost. But the ultimate reason I chose USD was because of how I felt talking to students and faculty during tours and orientation. I've always felt like a unique, valued individual at USD, and always felt that my advisors and professors genuinely cared about my education and well-being. I desired to attend a school where I wouldn't be considered just one of the masses, and I never felt that way at USD.


I go to the University of South Dakota. I decided to go there because I wanted to commute and it was close to home. Now I go there because of the amazing friends I have.

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