University of South Florida-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Very diverse group at USF. Most students are friendly and welcoming to each other. There are plenty of places for interaction such as Bull Market, which is held every Wednesday and other outreach activities. Many places on campus exclusively hire students so it is easy to get to know many people.


My classmates are very diverse and come from all walks of life.


I would describe my classmates as a supportive group of people who keep each other's well being in mind.


The students at this school are mainly immature. If you are coming from a strict background with no freedom then I'm sure you'll find it okay here. However, if you are used to a fun environment with normal, nonjudgmental, mature people, then this is not for you. The students consist of immature boys who are only concerned with smoking or hooking up with girls who are out of their league, and girls who black out every opportunity they get and act like complete desperate, needy, whiny immature kids.


My classmates are hard-working, focused students who enjoy going above and beyond the expectations of teachers and peers to get the most out of their education, while maintaining a great social life along with a healthy and active lifestyle. My classmates are welcoming to new students and are never shy to give a hand to someone who is lost or in need of assistance, it is very easy to make life-long, loyal, friendships.


The people that I am privileged to interact with on a weekly basis are an intelligent, hard working, and humble group, who have impacted me greatly and will continue to impact me as I continue growing and learning throughout these next few years.


I have met some really great people at the University of South Florida. It's been easy to form study groups and have people to rely on for trickier parts of some courses. I've really enjoyed my social life at school thus far!


I would describe my classmates as determined, hardworking, helpful young adults, who are focused on having a career once they graduate college and not a job.


USF is such a diverse university that I can't place a group of them into one specific category. The majority if the people I come across are very pleasant and amiable, I have made many friends and I can barely rmemeber any unpleasant encounters.


Usually very friendly and helpful.


My classmates and I attend USF for a purpose and we all respect and help each other succeed.


The school environment is very laid back. There are groups for everyone. There are multicultural organizations, organizations that cater to your interest and future goals, and there are recreational organizations like the juggling club or ultimate frisbee. There's something for everyone you just need to go and look for it.


My classmates are friendly but also driven because they want their education; they want to be at USF and their motivation spurs you to work harder for success as well.


My classmates contribute through thoughtful ideas, collaborative work, and through attentiveness.


The students at my school are very unique. You find people from every corner of the earth here. I don't think any type of students feel out of place because everyone has a spot here. In the beginning of the semester, everyone thinks they have to dress up but now we dress comfortably. Normally I just wear gym shorts and a shirt and sometimes I will get more dressed up. Most students are from Florida however. I am an out of state student, however there are still many students from out of state and even over seas.


The big stereotype of the students at my school is that we are all transfers from community colleges or commuters. Though many students at USF do indeed transfer from other schools, a large number of us came straight from high school, including me. As far as people commuting, I have met maybe four people in the entire two years that I've attended USF who still lived at home.


The big stereotype of the students at my school is that we are all transfers from community colleges or commuters. Though many students at USF do indeed transfer from other schools, a large number of us came straight from high school, including me. As far as people commuting, I have met maybe four people in the entire two years that I've attended USF who still lived at home.


Students are diverse. We have pretty much every group on-campus. I think anyone would find a place to belong if they try. Most students wear casual clothes to class - nothing special. Different types of students interact in places where they don't feel like a minority. In organizations dominated by one group - different students tend to avoid those groups. The four tables in a dining hall would have a mix of guys and girls from many different cultures. People are open-minded here. Most students at USF are from Tampa Bay or nearby Sarasota and Orlando. The financial background is mostly the middle-class. Students are not too aware politically. Although Hillsborough County is a left-dominated county, many students on-campus lean to the right - although the left is growing every year. Students do talk about how much they will earn someday - especially medical students.


USF is super diverse! You get to interact with students from every religion, culture, and region of the world! Because of this great diversity, you grow more tolerant in general, because you are able to interact with that which you misunderstood before, or never even paid attention to.


This is a tough question to go into detail with. So I'll put it this way: Our school is diverse. There are students from just about every background and lifestyle. I love that our campus has the ability to support and nurture such a community.


very diverse! students from all different countries, religions and interests. But all are highly motivated and intelligent.


I can't even begin to describe the diversity of students at USF. It is a large school and people come here from all over Florida, the US, and even other countries. Most students are very open about their beliefs and values. There are many special interest clubs and even cultural clubs for students to get involved in an find their place at USF. The only students that would feel out of place are students that do not take the time to get to know their classmates or join organizations. Otherwise it is very easy to make friends.


Students are very open minded at USF. We hold several LGBT events every year without any problems. Most of the students show up to class in casual shorts and a t-shirt and even pajama bottoms during the early morning hours. Most students would be considered middle- upper middle class. A lot of us receive grants and loans from the school to attend so we are by no means a rich school. I feel that most of the students are more democratic but that is common in almost all college campuses were the young think every problem can be solved. There is a smaller republican group and even a club were the more conservative can voice their opinions.


As I previously mentioned, the student body at USF is extremely diverse. We have students of every race, religion, ethnicity, and the different groups generally mingle very well. It is a very welcoming campus where students are accepted for who they are. I think people who are extremely conservative or opinionated might feel a bit out of place at this school. If there were four tables of students in the dining hall, I assume that they would all be very different. One might be athletes, while another is sorority girls, and yet another is full of student government students. Even though these students are different, they would probably know each other and turn around to talk for a little, and they would definitely respect each other. Most students are from Florida and are part of the Bright Futures recipients. Students are politically aware and both sides of politics are fairly represented.




There is definitely a great diversity and I love this about USF. As an anthropology major, I always find it very interesting to observe other people; there are students of all races, from diverse countries, of different sexual orientations, and I think that everyone feels welcomed and "at home" at USF.


I love USF for it's diversity, my closest group of friends right now consist of an Albanian Muslim, Indian Hindu, Indian Orthodox Christian, Chinese Buddhist, Caucasian Catholic Christian, and me Dominican (Commonwealth) Pentecostal Christian but when we are together we don't see these differences, we see each other for our personalities and goals in life. There are groups of friends like this all over campus, and the greatest part is that we aren't with each other 100% of the time we like doing different things too we are in different organizations and do different activities but at the end of the day we know that we have each other. I think USF is a model for the future society!!!


My classmates are friendly and are willing to help out and work together.


My classmates are fun, energetic, eco-friendly and well known in the community for volunteering.


My classmates are always willing to help one another out, no matter what the circumstance.


My classmates have different personalitites, everyone is different.


My classmates are very serious about being in class and using that time to learn and understand what the professor is teaching; however, they are also very friendly people who love to meet new people before and after class.


Range in age from 18-35 and find the younger students to have much less of a work ethic.


They are a diverse group of people with varied backgraouds; they bring something different to the table.


My classmates are helpful and friendly.


My classmates are very diverse and open-minded.


The students there are a diverse group of kids.


My classmates are intelligent, aspiring people who endeavor to create a better future based on, knowledge of the world around them, understanding of themselves and others, and cooperation and adaptability in a rapidly changing economic and information driven environment.


My classmates certainly are a diverse group of students, seeing as even in classes as small as twenty students, there is a wide variety of nationalities, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and yet there does not seem to be any sort of discrimination on campus; on the whole, all the students treat each other with a great amount of respect.


Most of my classmates in the science field are medical school bound.


In every class that I have attended at USF there has always been at least one students who I click with. A lot of my professors enforce group work , so it makes it easier to get to know people. Usually people are outgoing and easy to strike up a conversation with, regardless of the differences tht they may have.


So far, many of my classmates have become instant best friends.


My classmates at USF include people of a wide range of ages, family situations, and interests, bringing a variety of perspectives into most courses I enroll in at the university.


I have not met my classmates yet. I have orientation later on this evening. But hopefully there all nice, and have there minds set on what they would like to accomplish while in college. We all can benefit learning from each other. I know we all cann succeed in life if we put our hearts, and minds to it.


My classmates are very polite and knowledgeable; everyone likes to help each other out and learn the curriculum.


My classmates are hard working when it is needed and they take class very seriously.


My classmates at USF are very lively and always looking for more ways to get involved along with being very focused on their long term goals.


Students seem too busy to do the required school work, accepting of mediocre grades, and uninspired to achieve a career goal.


My classmates are enthusiastic, always looking forward to the next challenge and adventure that college will take them on.


They are there for a reason, it's not like a high school class and that's one thing that I admire about the transition from high school to college ; they are engaging, either because they want to learn so they ask a question or they share their own intellect on the subject.