University of South Florida-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


USF is best known for its top tier research within a variety of subjects including engineering, robotics, and health/medicine. USF receives several grants each year to support its ongoing research within these area and is known as a national research institute.


The University of South Florida is best known for the medical programs and welcoming a vast diversity of students. There is not any discrimination on campus and every student and staff member tries to welcome and make the student feel at home. The school is very big, yet the university manages to make you feel at home. The academics is also a very important aspect here and the university offers many resorces outside of class to allow the student to flourish.


We are a very "green," school. We promote sustainibility and environmental-harm reduction, as well as have several water filtration stations in the school. We are also very well known for our research programs, specifically in the medical and engineering fields.


Our school is mostly known for its focus and strides in research. We've won amazing research grants, which continues to further and sustain the efforts of our innovative students.


University is best known for a few things. Our teachers form great relationships with our students and help them graduate in a timely manner with great grades. We have a variety of majors that a lot of other schools don't have. Our school also puts a big emphasis on research. We have great research teams working on multiple projects.


I would advice that you get your finances in order being coming down here. apply for jobs and also be prepare to study hard. the assignments are bucky.


I love homecoming week! We have a whole week of events leading up to the big game! We even have a parade where several floats that drive around the school, throwing candy and beads; dancing, playing music, and basically just having a lot of fun. I personally had the chance to be in one of the floats for the parade myself! It was awesome!


My school is most known for its research initiatives. Just last year, we were awarded over 80 US patents. We were number 9 in the world for schools earning US patents. The school recently built a new science building equip with state of the art labs, so chances are, research will be even more important to USF this year.


USF is best known for its amazing student center and campus activities.


Research, online degrees


I would say the school is mostly known for how big the campus is. Everyone that I have told I go to USF has said that the campus is huge and pretty. They are correct. It is gorgeous. but very big. It requires a lot of walking.


Great professors who are concerned about the students.


University of South Florida is known for Its research. the school is one the ten top research school in the nation. The students who wants to study in the medical field should definitely pursue a degree at the University of South Florida. The science programs are outstanding, challenging but worth it in the long run because you will know that you receive gold standard type of education which will be respected and honored when applying for a position. The school athletic team are well know, especially the football team. University of South Florida provides quality education.


My school is best known for its research programs.


At the University of South Florida we focus on making a name for each individual student that has chosen to further their education here. Over the years, USF has become known as the one of the top research schools in the nation. As a matter of fact, we are ranked third as one of the top research schools. In my personal opinion, this statistic has allowed USF to reach out to more students. They are now able to do extensive research with all the amazing abilities that USF has to offer.


Lots of events on campus with free food! And plenty of options for on-campus dining. Plus, lots of things to do in the city.


Through out the Tampa area we are known as the most popular College. Our sports are a selling point to student and the great location of the school makes for fun around every corner.


My school has great asthetic appeal, the campus it beautiful. Also our football team is starting to improve, which is always a plus. USF is one of the most diverse places I have been a part of, there are so many different types of people there, it's great. And my school is known for having a good graduate medical school.


Moffit Cancer center


The University of South Florida is probably better known for it's medical school and marine biology departments more than anything else.


My school is best known as a commuter school, even though we're the ninth-largest university in the country. Part of this is likely because of the rediculous rates the administration charges for housing, tempting students to look elsewhere.


My school is known for our sports and adademic programs available.


My school is best known for being diverse. The students whom attend my college are from all kinds or races, religion, cultures, and background. The school extracurricular activities also show a range of diversity, from the caribbean club, to latin american society, to college republicans. People like the fact that my school appeals to all students no matter what race, creed, religious background, etc.


My school is known for being one of the best Florida research schools. We also have an upcoming football team that the student and faculty here at USF support proudly.


This school is best known both for its good academics in a veriety of fields, the two top being pre-med and education, and its status as one of the top 3 research universities.


The University of South Florida is best known for it's focus and advancement in research and science. The school aslo has a pretty diverse and spirited student body.


USF is well known for many of it's top-notch educational programs, with its psychology program being at the top of the list.


Probably for the Jim Leavitt scandal (just joking), but we are well known for our rigorous football team, the Bulls, and because of the metropolitan area, their mass communications department is well established the in the Tampa Media Market.


The best known thing about University of South Florida is their football team the bulls, but it should also be mentioned that they are a rising school as far as rankings go and has received a higher percentage increase in research funds than any other school in the nation.


The University of South Florida is best known for being a strong research based university.


On a positive note, USF is noted for its medical teaching facilities. The pre-med students from UCF even come hear to complete their last two years. Although I have not yet had any personal experience, it's reputation is outstanding! On a negative note, I think we are soon to be known for the impending legal situation that is brewing between former USF Football Head Coach, Levit, and his players. I hope it will be resolved quickly.


The University of South Florida is known for its location in the middle of Tampa. The university has reasonable access to all types of entertainment as well as quick access to beaches. The university?s football team has done well over the past few years and has begun gaining national recognition. With these two combined, the university?s name has been more advertized nationally. This university has been working hard locally to improve the experience of those who attend classes here.


USF may best be known for its cancer research center, MOFITT. This is located right on the campus adjacent to the hospital also on campus, thus providing opportunities for the medical students to volunteer.


I believe that my school is best known for it's academics and how well academically the students succeed there. Also they have a very high success rate of placing students in jobs after there schooling is done.


University of South Florida is known for its diversity among students, its expansive list of extracurricular activities available, its school spirit, its large number of transfer students and its great location in the Tampa Metro area. USF also has many well-known professors, especially in the College of the Arts. Its Theatre program turns out many successful actors and directors.


The University of South Florida is best known for our school spirit. We are proud USF Bulls, and believe that if we study and do all of the work necessary to obtain the degree that we seek, we will get it. We are also interested in helping the environment. As a green campus, we make sure that our students use the recycling bins that are placed all over campus. By recycling, we do not only help our university stay clean; we also help the environment that we live in stay clean too. That is why I am a USF Bull.


I don't think we're known for any one thing. I believe our best program is business. However, the psychology department is just as strong. I personally believe we have a very well rounded availability of degrees and research opportunities.


We are best known for Rocky the Bull, our school mascot and out football team.


I am not sure about this... I need time to find out... Actually, I go to USF but the campus is in Sarasota, not Tampa, but there is no option for it.


It is one of the nations top public research schools.


Best football team to let you down. Tampa and partying


Small Campus ith a friendly enviornment and beautiful view.


Our school is very well known for diversity in ethnicity. You can interact with variety of cultures just attending classes.


acdemic and football




Our school has the most school spirit I have ever seen!


The University of South Florida is best known for its research. In addition, the college of Engineering, Business, and Nursing are the ones who get the most recognized for having high pass rates. We are also known for being a friendly college and one that is devoted 100% to its students.


School spirit, diversity and dedication to civic and community engagement.


Medical research and their new football team.