University of South Florida-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How easy it is to get around and the wide variety of school organizations and clubs. There is always something to do!


The off-campus lifestyle. The campus is surrounded by a lot of interesting places to discover. There are multiple nature reserves and natural parks, ethnic restaurants, museums, shops, etc. There's never nothing to do on the weekend and all the students here are very friendly and open to meeting new people. Additionally, there are a lot of off-campus housing options within close proximity to campus for students living on a budget.


When I brag about USF it's usually in reference to the whole campus. The meal plans felt like a bad idea originally but now I love the freedom of choice. As for the dorms, I sleep 10 minutes away from my classes so it's never a problem to get there and back. My parent's aren't here and I don't have to drive anywhere. It feels like it's own little, secluded city.


Our campus is huge and green. Our Rec Center is well known.


University os South Florida is accommodating , constructive and active . The campus is beauteous and sumblime and filled with activities surrounded by diversity of people to interact with . The proffessors are effervescent and enterprising to encourage students to do what they love and learn it at the university of South Florida .


The University of South Florida might be a big university, but it has a small college feel. It doesn't feel commercialized. There is a sense of belonging here. There is a high level of school spirit. Our mascot, Rocky the Bull, rocks! The professors are understanding and are always willing to communicate with you. In addition, there are a number of resources if you ever need help. All you have to do is ask a peer. There is also, always something going on to keep you entertained and motivated! Go Bulls!


Open area campus, greek life, sports and multiple housing options, on or off campus.


I like how diverse the school is and the professors that I have are amazing


It is BEAUTIFUL!!! This campus is lavish in gorgeous old oaks and plently of flowering plants and such. The architecture itself also blends very well into the environment.


Bulls Nation


Our academics, career opportunities, and girls.


Our school has great professors. In addition, recent improvements made it even more high-tech and environmentally friendly.


The University of South Florida will provide you with the education that will prepare for your future career and offers a great college expierence.


I tell them that school is good that they should go back. You learn a lot, while you are in it. Having a degree opens alot of doors.


When I am bragging about USF, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is how amazing my professors are. Most of the professors I have had carry a passion about their teaching and their field. When you see that kind of love, it is hard to not get excited about entering their field of study. The school is always having social gatherings to bring students together and get to know one another. It's a school that I feel very safe and comfortable at. The school is proud of their sports teams and encourages students to be supportive.


I has great social programs. The school spent alot of money to make the school look great.


I brag most that Im going to a crediable school. GO BULLS is what I usually say. Theres nothing more to say than that


I love the small class sizes! They really allow for more and better professor-student interaction.


That we have great weather and extremely diverse. You will meet many different types of people with many different skills.


I feel that the most exciting part of my college is our outstanding football and baseball teams. We have great school spirit and you can always find multiple students supporting their school pride with the clothes that they wear to the shoes on their feet. We have a beautiful campus to be able to walk around in and it feels like a comfortable and safe environment to be able to expand my knowledge at.


They have an excellent Medicine Program.


I live in a living learning community called the Bulls Business Community. So all the students I live with are also business majors.


The athletics.


This school is fun and interesting. Also, If you make it through your program, you are really prepared for your field. The teachers are also extremely accessible and helpful.


The University of South Florida is a good school, at least in my opinion. I feel proud of myself when I am about to tell people where I go to school. The one thing I am most proud of is my success at school. I work very hard to uphold my grades. With a GPA of 4.0 last semester I can definitly say that I am proud of myself and the success I have achieved at school.


We have a growing music program and all the sporting events are always fun to attend. Plus we're in Tampa, there's Busch Gardens right across the street.


The football team. Seriously, I talk to my friends about the dance program and the wonderful opportunities to study with guest artists, faculty who have been successful during their careers, and study abroad opportunities that allow me to study in France and Mexico without falling behind in my degree. I also love the weather in Tampa, I looked at several schools and being from Oklahoma, when it came time to choose a school the weather actually played a large part in my decision.


Our School Spirit, Nice Campus, Fun atmosphere, good research opportunities


First I brag about how my soccer team is amazing. We have won the East Conference. Our mascot is better than theirs. Our mascot is fearless and represents me. Go Bulls!!! I brag about how USF is known for its research studies and various internship opportunities, especially for business and biomedical majors. USF is home to the Patel Center for Global Solutions and the only Confucius Institute in the state. Last but not least I brag about how close we are to the beach.


I usually tell my friends how diverse our school is. It is nice to see such different ethinicities and cultures interact and learn from each other.


I honestly adore my school. I find myself telling everyone I know that I love the University of South Florida. I tell people that within my school I feel like I am part of a small community or family. Everyone that I have met at USF is friendly and go out of their way in aiding you. The facility and students are highly motivated and caring individuals who are out to better their lives and those around them. This is a wonderful campus and I find myself at home in a resourceful and safe environment.


I brag about the awesome marching band, the cool programs that are available, the beautiful campus, the awesome football and basketball teams (men and women). The amazing new marshall center that was just built and is a great place for students to go for food, studying and maybe a job.


I brag about the science programs and research studies that are going on at the College of Medicine part of the campus because my major is Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Med Student).


I would have to say I brag about my housing experience. Its my first time living on my own and living on campus is great! Im in the apartment style living dorms and its so big and spacious. The people here are friendly and easy to talk to. I tend to brag about housing when I tell my friends about school!


ABET accrediation for the all engineering programs. Very inexpensive education, without sacrifice to quality.


I brag about the festivities my school has. They are always giving away something free whether it's a lap top or free food. I also brag about the people. The students at USF are so friendly. They definitely help when there is a problem locating a specific building.


There are so many classes you can choose from that you can fill your semester up with classes you want and will enjoy. Because there are so many classes, you usually get into the ones you want.


The sports and the acedemic quality


The internship that I just got accepted to. The fun television classes I have been taking for the past three semesters. The football team.


The football! go bulls!!


We have one of the biggest research programs in the nation. Also, USF has a grat amount of hospitals and resources for students interested in the mecical field, right on campus.


how the professors are very helpful and have not forgotten that they were once students trying to learn what we are trying to learn.


Campus involvement and the campus activities


Same here, so far it's a good school.


I brag about the diverse student population, the activities that are always going on, and about how the professors seem to actually care about you as a student and how the classes are small enough for you to get to know the professors.


The people.


That the school is amazing, and that it has so much to offer to students like me.


I brag about the amount of free food I get


The thing I brag about most is the faculty. I've been very fortunate to have brilliant professors for all of my classes that really challenge and bring out the best in us.


Large pretty campus. Many degree fields to choose from. Top research University. Very diverse student population.