University of South Florida-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


While there are so many opportunities to make friends on campus, you need to push yourself to meet new people with shared interests.


While there are so many opportunities to make friends on campus, you need to push yourself to meet new people with shared interests.


If I had to say, the worst thing about the school was the parking situation. Often times it took ten to thirty minutes to find a student parking spot.


Parking can be one of the biggest problems with USF, I guess overall if parking is the worst thing about the campus it really cant be to bad. There are alot of Students who do attend the University, which is good because it means that there are alot of intelligent indivudals who are bouncing ideas back and forth off each other. But it also means that you might have to park your a little furthure then you probably would want to.


The worst thing about the school would be the dining halls. They offer very bland food, although it is very convienent, the food is not the best. This is not a big issue though, being as they also have a food court with outside restraunts. There are also many fast food places and grocery stores within walking distance and the school offers free busing to the store, so while the food may be a downside, there are many alternatives that are available.


Technology on campus tends to be unreliable. I recently had to stop taking an online test in the Smart Lab because the computer system crashed. Wifi is always slow and goes down at peak times. Registering for classes is annoying and can be buggy.


I do not have a problem with my shool.


The professors spend so much time working on their own research that teaching becomes second rate. It's expected that all professors will be doing research, also. I have spent a lot of time teaching myself material for classes that I have paid a lot of money to attend.


The worse thing I consider about my university is the surrounding area in which it resides. The neighborhoods around USF aren't very nice, and there are a lot of unwanted persons that can get into the university and cause harm. The university has its own police but theres only so much they can do and sometimes they get there and something has already happened. The university provides good safety measures but knowing that you shouldn't walk around campus at night because of rapes and assualts is something I don't like about USF.


Location; our school is situatied in a poor area.


The worst thing about school to is the cost of school. I would love to just worry about my education and not have to worry financially.


I am in an excellerated program so there is alot of coursework involved, so there is not much time for a social life.


I hate the inaccesibilities that come along with it. The bus system here is not very efficient and the surrounding area is slum-ish.


How high monthly rent is. Its absolutely ridiculous considering how small most of the rooms are.


Probably the size of the campus. Sometimes it could take a lot longer to get to class than originally thought. Also, it is quite easy to get lost around the campus as well.


i would consider the parking the worst thing about the school. i have to come about two hours early to get parking. if you get there late its practically impossible to get a spot.


I don't live on campus so I'm not really familiar with campus life outside of the classroom, but if I had to pick something it would have to be the heat. South Florida is such a large campus and a lot of the buildings are spaced far apart so walking to class can be extremely brutal at times. Also parking on campus is a huge hassle. It would definitely of been smarter to live in a dorm for my first year.


The worst thing about USF is parking on campus. There are just not enough spots for all the students and visitors to park on a daily basis. Many students end up being late to class because they cannot find parking. Also, the parking enforcers are very strict on writing tickets even if the meter is only over by a few minutes.


I believe that there are too many students in each class. Many of my classes had over 300 students, which I do not believe is conducive for effective learning. There is not enough one-on-one time with the professors. I felt like I got lost in the crowd at times.


Some faculty members. A good portion of instructors I've had were terrible and my advisor practically rushed me out of his office.


The advising and financial aid department. This is because they are incapable of answering questions and offering any actual guidance.


I think the worst thing about my school is that they make you spend so much money for on campus housing when they make you live on campus your first year. Also, the rooms we stay in aren't even nice enough to charge that much money. They just want all the money they can get. Yes, living on campus is convenient, but the price definately isn't.


The high fees they have on the meal plan and the quality and available choices of the dorms. I also dislike the fact that we are still required to live on campus for the 2nd semester (and thus, paying more exuberant fees).


Transportation. The campus is huge and it takes a good amount of time to walk to class. There are buses that drive around school but it takes about twenty minnutes for the bus to come to your stop and sometimes the bus does not go in the direction you need it to.


The worst thing that I can think of is, online programs. Unfortunately, the universty does not offer online programs. Many women and men work full-time. By the time most of us end our work day, it usually is late or feeling to tire. Online course provides the flexibility of participating 10-15 hours a week during course work. Also, there are no specific days of the week to attend class. Student have access anytime of the day to do their assignments. I am certain in the near future USF, will add online programs to the school curriculum.


Sarasota Campus - Often overlooked. Like in this survey, USF-Sarasota was not an available option, and so I had to select USF-Tampa.


The worst part of the school would have to be recieving grants from the school. The school offers alot of scholarship and grant opportunities but it's very hard to recieve them. The financial aid office makes you go through so much and request you keep submitting papers just so you can recieve the little money they give you to pay off for school.


Possibly the type of food that is served in the cafeteria and around campus. College students are so busy that fast food helps make their lives somewhat easier but then again healthier choices in areas close to schools would also make it easier for students to get healthy fast food. Although there are very good food choices on and around the University of South Florida, there could always be more.


The worst thing about my school is that it does not provide reasonable tools for students on campus to easily recycle. There should be a recycling bin next to nearly every trash can, not just a few spread randomly throughout the campus.


Not much school spirit, because the sports teams were not bringing in a lot of championships. Now they are beginning to compete stronger.


To date, there is nothing that I do not like about my school. My classes, my fellow students, my dorm, everything is making my college experience one I will always remember and be glad i had.


The worst thing about my school would be the fact that some dorms are further away from certain buildings. So in this case you would have to take the bus instead of walking. Also the officers on campus can be a bit tideous and are willing to give anyone who isn't a great car parker a ticket. Other than that the great diversity of this school and the classes, professors, students, and staff is all great!


What I consider to be the worst thing about my school is the lack of certain electives which would be imperative to certain majors. For example, a criminology major may have to stay in school for a longer period than they need to because a certain prerequisite or elective they need isn't availabe, thus having them to postpone their graduation till the semester the class is available.


The worse thing about USF is not all of classes offered are not all accessible on-line. I am a working professional and some of my classes are only offered on certain days and in the morning. Since I am not able to leave work, I have been only able to attend night classes.


Parking is terrible, the school is growing too large to accomodate.


When I do find the worst thing about my school, I'll let you know... Until then, USF is one of the best schools in the state of Florida!


The apathy that some students show toward thier educational studies. We are among some of the luckiest generations of young adults this country has ever seen and they are complacient toward the oppurtunity that they have. I try my hardest to never take for granted the chance to pursue my dream of a higher education and to many of my peers do not show that same level of dedication. I wish I could see more willingness to embrace the truly amazing oppurtunity they have been granted.


What i consider to be the worst thing about my school is that it takes approximately ten minutes to get to where you need to be on campus. I was not expecting to walk so much in my life, so wear some comfy shoes. The campus is very beautiful and is wonderful to walk around, but whn ur late to class and its raining, you kind of wish you had a golf cart.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that requests for transcripts and meeting with your advisor takes forever since USF is a big university. USF serves more than 39,000 students and offers 228 degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, specialist and doctoral levels, including the doctor of medicine, through its 11 colleges. So if you decide to meet with your advisor out of the blue good luck. You have to plan weeks ahead.


I do not like the cost of housing on campus and the limited spacing. For the amount students have to pay we should have better halls. The amount of financial aid students receive should also increase.


I think the worst thing about my school is how big it is because students get lost in the shuffle and can be forgotten, even in classrooms of sixty people. It is often hard to find the person you need to speak with to get your question answered because each administrator and staff member is very specialized in their knowledge about the school.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the parking. There are never enough parking spaces after 11am. Most of the time, students have to drive around each parking lot searching for spots along with other people looking for spots to park. There are expensive lots that always have open spots that no one can use because no one can afford the passes for those lots.


There is nothing bad about my school. Go Bulls!


The worst thing about my school would probably be the surrounding area. It is not a very safe area or attractive.


Waking up every morning to butter soaked, fried, and fatty foods is not how I would like to start my morning. While living on campus, students are required to purchase an expensive meal plan. But the food is unhealthy and questionable. The only way to escape the grasps of grotesque food is to cancel my housing agreement, which I cannot do because I am also required to live on campus. My parents are shoveling out thousands of dollars a year for the infamous freshman fifteen. It feels impossible to defeat the weight gain with food options offered at USF.


The lines for any school event are ridiculously long and you probably might not get what ever it is in front of the line.


Well although I attend the University of South Florida I go to the Saint Petersburg campus which is smaller than Tampa. To improve our campus we need to add more food venders because the only one were currently have in Chick fil a. This not only gets old after a while but it does not meet the dietary needs of all the students on campus. So many people are now going the route of vegetarian and vegan that I think we need more options for them and more options for people who are just sick of the same place.


I would consider the parking the worst thing about my school. Simply because you pay around $200.00 for a parking pass that only allows you to park in certain areas of the school. These areas are full by 8:30 in the morning, so you end up parking on the other side of campus and walking to class if you have afternoon classes. I actually try to follow other students to their car in order to get a spot sometimes.


The traffic surrounding the school is horrible.


It is closing down some of the majors it once offered and is focusing more on research and less on education.